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    Round Up & Donate

    With Round Up & Donate, riders can round their ride fare up to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to a worthy organization.
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    About Round Up & Donate

    Round Up & Donate offers an optional feature for riders to round up a ride fare and donate the difference to a worthy organization.
    For example: if you have a $12.75 fare, Lyft will round up the total to $13. The difference of $0.25 will be donated to the Lyft partner organization of your choice.
    Donations aren’t included in upfront prices. You can see your donation on your ride receipt after paying for a ride.
    For rides in the US - If the organization you donate to qualifies for tax deductions, so will your donation.
    For riders in Canada - Donations made through Round Up & Donate aren’t tax-deductible.

    How to donate

    To opt-in for Round Up & Donate:
    1. Tap ‘Donate’ from the Lyft app menu.
    2. Select an organization for donations.
    3. Tap ‘Start donating.’
    From the ‘Donate’ tab, you can see the available organizations to donate to.
    A few rides don't qualify for donations. These include:
    • Rides taken on your business profile
    • Rides paid in full with Lyft gift cards or promo codes
    • Rides with even fares. For example: a ride fare amount of $10.00 won't round up
    You can stop donating anytime by tapping ‘Donate’, then sliding the donate button to the left to ‘Stop donating.’

    Organizations featured in Round Up & Donate

    Lyft proactively selects nonprofit organizations to feature in Round Up & Donate. These organizations are selected from  among our existing suite of partners and based on our key areas of focus.
    We don't accept unsolicited requests for Round Up & Donate partnerships.
    Lyft reserves the right to add or remove partner organizations as we see fit. Our goal is to support a diverse group of nonprofits and organizations.
    If you're currently opted-in to donate to an organization, and we remove that organization from Round Up & Donate, you'll be notified in advance of their removal.
    You'll be able to select a new nonprofit to donate to. If you don't actively select a new nonprofit, you'll be removed from Round Up & Donate and will no longer be donating on each ride.
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