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$15 Lyft credit with Walmart+

Walmart+ has partnered with Lyft to offer an exclusive, limited-time offer to Walmart+ members.
If you’re a Walmart+ member, you can redeem a $15 Lyft credit (via Lyft Pass) to use on future rides. Members will have 90 days to redeem their code and 90 days upon redemption to take their ride.
Lyft Pass
Lyft Pass allows companies to cover a portion or the total cost of your Lyft rides. Tips are not included in the coverage. You’ll need to have an active Lyft account to use the credit.
Redeeming the $15 Lyft credit with Walmart+
You must have an active Lyft account to redeem the $15 Lyft credit with Walmart+. If you don’t have one already, you can create an account.
Your redeemable code can be found on your Walmart+ member page and in the ‘savings’ tab within the member hub in your Walmart app. Once you have the code, you can select ‘Get this offer’ and follow the prompts or add it in the ‘Payment’ tab of your Lyft app.
To add the $15 Lyft credit in the ‘Payment’ tab of the Lyft app:
  1. Open the Lyft app’s main menu, then tap ‘Payment.’
  2. Scroll down and select 'Add Lyft Pass'
Limited time offer while supplies last. Lyft account required. Credit can be used only for rideshare rides on the Lyft app and expires after 90 days once code is redeemed in the Lyft app. Credit shall not apply to tips, cancellation fees, and damage charges. Lyft terms apply.

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