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Giving rides at popular places in San Antonio

Follow the instructions below when giving rides in San Antonio, Texas.
For more tips on when and where to drive, visit our Learning Center in the Lyft Driver app. Open the main menu and tap 'Account,' then tap ‘Learning Center.'
AT&T Center
Map of the AT&T Center in San Antonio, detailing pickup and waiting area locations.
Curbside Waiting
AT&T Center offers curbside waiting for ride requests beginning January 12, 2022.
Here’s how it works:
  1. While waiting for requests, you may receive an in-app notification directing you to head towards the pickup lane in Lot 5.
  2. While en route, you may receive a ride request. If you don't, you are permitted to wait in the pickup area for up to 20 minutes.
  3. The designated waiting area for AT&T is just west of Lot 7.
  4. All drivers looking to do an AT&T Center ride during events should still start at the staging lot. Don't go straight to the curb unless directed to do so by the app.

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