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Requesting roadside assistance with Lyft Rewards

Lyft Rewards drivers have access to either free (Platinum and Elite) or discounted (Silver and Gold) roadside assistance through Allstate Roadside.
Eligible service types:
  1. Towing
  2. Winching
  3. Lockout service
  4. Fuel delivery
  5. Tire service
  6. Battery service
  7. Battery electric vehicle short-range charging
Service limitations
  1. Fuel Delivery: For fuel delivery service , the actual gas that is delivered will be paid for, in full, by the Lyft driver requesting the service
  2. Tows: If the distance between pick-up and drop-off is more than five  miles, the driver will have to pay for additional mileage.
  3. Winching: The max winch distance is 30 feet.
Usage limitations:
Platinum and Elite drivers are eligible for three free roadside assistance services, per 90 days. Once the limit has been reached, Platinum drivers can only receive road assistance at the discounted rate.
Once you request a service, and it is dispatched to your location, that service will be marked as ‘used.’
If you cancel the service after dispatch or leave before the provider's arrival, it will be considered used.
Gold and Silver drivers have access to unlimited discounted services.
If you rent a vehicle from Express Drive, please refer to your rental agreement and do not call Allstate Roadside Assistance.

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