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Ride Finder

You can request to match with available rides right from the map — including when you are in the airport queue.
Outside the airport, you’ll see pins on the map that show the estimated time, earnings, and direction. You can also click into ‘Ride Finder’ on the bottom of the home screen to view rides.
When rides are available in the airport queue, you’ll be able to click into ‘Ride Finder’ to view ride details from either the pin on the map or the bottom of the home screen.
To choose a ride:
  1. On the home screen, tap any pin on the map to see a ride’s distance, time, and earnings.
  2. Tap ‘Request to Match’ if you want that ride. Tap ‘x’ in the top left corner if you don’t.
How it works:
  1. Request rides when they become available by tapping ‘Request match’ and you’ll be notified if there’s a match.
  2. Request as many as you like, it won’t affect your acceptance rate, ride streaks, or place in the queue.
  3. Multiple drivers can request the same rides, so matches aren’t guaranteed.
  4. If you cancel a ride immediately after being matched with a rider, you’ll lose your spot in the queue.
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