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Fund a Ride

Through our LyftUp program, we're providing access to free rides for people in need. Our non-profit partners distribute Lyft credits for free rides to help people access essential goods and services. Essential goods and services include job interviews, going to the grocery store, medical appointments, and more.
You can join us by funding a ride to help someone in need.
To contribute:
  1. Choose the amount you want to give.
  2. Choose your payment method.
  3. Tap 'Confirm.'
We’ll email you a receipt for your contribution.
Funds contributed to Fund a Ride aren't tax deductible.
All payments are one-time contributions and aren't refundable.
You can use a debit card, credit card, prepaid card, or PayPal to contribute. You can't use any other payment methods, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, commuter benefit cards, gift cards, Lyft Cash, or ride credits.
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