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Appealing permanent deactivations

You can appeal your deactivation if you:
  1. Have been permanently deactivated.
  2. Haven’t already requested an appeal for the same permanent deactivation.
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How it works
Note: If you have it, please submit any additional information regarding the deactivation (such as dash cam footage, photos, police reports, etc.).
Once you submit the form, Lyft will review your appeal and determine whether to uphold or overturn your account deactivation. When reviewing your appeal, Lyft will consider any additional evidence you provide (such as dash cam footage, photos, police reports, etc.).
You’ll receive confirmation of Lyft’s decision via your email address on file.
Multiple appeals
If your account was deactivated for multiple reasons, Lyft will review those reasons as part of one appeal request.
You may only request one appeal for a deactivation decision. If an account deactivation is upheld, no additional appeals will be considered for that account, unless new information becomes available.
California only
You can request a deactivation appeal if all of the following apply:
  1. You were approved to drive in a California region at the time of deactivation,
  2. Your driving account was deactivated on or after December 16, 2020, and
  3. The deactivation was not related to your background check or DMV check.*
Lyft will review your appeal based on the information you provide. If your deactivation is overturned, your driver account will be reactivated.
*If you received a notice that your account has been deactivated due to information in either of these checks, and you believe that information is inaccurate, you should contact the background check or DMV provider directly. Contact information can be found in the email you received from Lyft.

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