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Bonus Zones

Bonus Zones offer you a bonus for driving in the busy areas on your map.
Bonus Zones update in real-time to show you the best areas to drive in. Driving in Bonus Zones may also help you get more rides.
You can earn unlimited bonuses from Bonus Zones on your map.
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How to get the bonus
When you see a Bonus Zone in your app, follow these steps to get the bonus:
1. Drive into the Bonus Zone.
Enter the Bonus Zone to unlock it and qualify for a bonus on your next ride.
2. Pick up a passenger anywhere. 
After you unlock the Bonus Zone, you don't have to stay in it. Just accept the next request you get. It's okay if it's from outside the zone.
3. Complete the ride to get your bonus.
Once you’ve met the Bonus Zone requirements, the bonus will be available in your earnings within an hour.
You can cash out these earnings with Express Pay. If you don’t cash out your earnings, we’ll include it in your next weekly deposit. Weekly deposits start Tuesday mornings and can take a few business days to process.
Bonus Zone requirements
To earn the bonus, follow the steps listed above in ‘How to get the bonus.’ Stay online and accept all ride requests to earn the bonus.
Your GPS location must be accurate in order to earn the bonus.
You won’t get the bonus if you:
  1. Go offline.
  2. Miss a ride request.
  3. Cancel a ride.
  4. Change which ride types you can be matched with after already driving into the Bonus Zone.
If you can't complete a ride you accepted, you can try again by driving back inside a Bonus Zone.
Bonus Zone availability
Bonus Zones aren’t always available. We’ll let you know when they’re available to you.
Bonus Zones update in real-time based on the demand for rides. Bonus Zones can expire when the demand for rides changes.
You can check the Lyft Driver app's map any time to see the Bonus Zones currently available near you. You can even check for Bonus Zones when you’re offline.
Only available in select regions. Participating in bonuses and incentives is always your choice. You aren't required to accept any specific request for services to maintain access to the Lyft app or Lyft platform.

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