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    Adding Lyft Cash funds with cash

    Lyft Cash is a stored balance that doesn’t expire, is non-refundable, non-transferable, and not redeemable for cash.
    There are multiple ways to add funds to your Lyft Cash balance. Here’s how to use cash to add money to your Lyft Cash balance at select retail stores.
    Note: Lyft Cash isn’t available in Canada

    How it works

    The money you add to Lyft Cash is available within a few minutes. You can use it for rides, bikes, scooters and certain transit systems.
    There is a minimum of $30 for each cash load transaction and a maximum of $300.
    To load cash from the Lyft app:
    1. Go to ‘Payment’ in the menu
    2. Tap ‘Add cash’ in the Lyft Cash section
    3. Tap ‘In-store’
    4. Tap ‘Find a store’
    5. Select a store from the map and tap on ‘Show ID number’ or ‘See barcode’
    6. Make your way to the store and follow the signs posted for loading cash
    7. Show the cashier your ID number or barcode and let them know  how much cash you’d like to load
    To confirm your cash load was added to your Lyft Cash balance, return to the ‘Wallet’ tab. You’ll see your balance in the Lyft Cash section.
    On rare occasions, Cash load transactions may take up to 24 hrs to appear in your balance.

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