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Earnings Based Offers

Earnings Based Offers allow you to receive a bonus when you earn the target amount within a set time frame. Earnings are defined as base amount for a ride, incentives, Earnings Commitment adjustments, and rider tips.
During the active offer window, we'll display your earnings so you can track your progress to the target in the home screen of the Driver App.
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Earnings Based offers are personalized to each individual recipient. We'll email you details when you’re eligible for a new offer. You can also check the app to view available offers.
Once you’ve met the earnings target within the eligibility period, the bonus will be added to your total earnings within an hour. You can cash out these earnings with Express Pay.
If you don’t cash out your earnings, we’ll include it in your next weekly deposit. Weekly deposits start Tuesday mornings and can take a few business days to process.
This offer is only available in select regions. Participating in bonuses and incentives is always your choice. You aren't required to accept any specific request for services to maintain access to the Lyft app or Lyft platform.

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