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    How to stop receiving text messages

    Read below how to stop receiving promotional text or voice messages, all text or voice messages, or opt back in.
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    Change your notification preferences

    There are two types of notifications you may receive from Lyft, which you have the option to receive via text message or push notification (a pop-up on your mobile device):
    • Account and trip updates give you important updates about your ride requests and other account information. Since they're necessary for using the Lyft app, account and trip updates can be set to text or push notification, but cannot be turned off.
    • Discounts and news notifications provide information about new features and promotions in your area. These alerts can be set to text, push notification, or turned off completely.
    To change your notification preferences from SMS to push notifications or vice versa, follow these steps:
    1. Open your Lyft app and tap the menu icon in the top left corner
    2. Tap 'Settings'
    3. Tap 'Privacy'
    4. Tap 'Notification Preferences'
    5. Select the type of message you want to receive for each type of notification. You'll be prompted to turn push notifications on in your phone's settings if they're currently disabled.
    If you would like to turn off all Lyft push notifications regardless of the communication type, you will need to do so from your device's settings.

    Opt out of promos or marketing

    You can opt out of promotional or marketing texts and calls from Lyft at any time by texting the word END to 46080 on the mobile device receiving the messages.

    Opt out of all texts or calls

    You may opt out of receiving all texts or calls from Lyft (including informational or transactional messages) by texting the word STOPALL to 46080 on the mobile device receiving the messages.
    However, you acknowledge that opting out of receiving all texts may impact your use of the Lyft Platform or services, including not receiving important text messages about ride updates or being able to receive verification codes to log back into your account if you log out.
    Texting the word STOP to 46080 on the mobile device receiving the messages will give you the option to reply 1 to unsubscribe from all alerts or 2 to unsubscribe from all marketing alerts.

    Opt back in

    To opt back in, text the word STARTALL (if you've opted out of all texts and calls) or STARTPROMOS (if you've opted out of only promotional or marketing texts and calls) to 46080.
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