Streak Bonus

Streak bonuses are offered at the busiest times and inform drivers when to drive to have the best opportunity to earn.

Streak bonuses aren't available every week and depend on passenger demand in your region. We'll email you about any upcoming Ride Streaks you're eligible for shortly before they begin.

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Bonus overview

A streak happens when you’re online and accept all required future ride requests back-to-back.

We’ll send you a text message and notify you in the app when a streak bonus hour is active, the streak ride requirement, and bonus amount.

Your streak begins when you accept or pick up a ride during a streak bonus offer hour and complete that ride. You only have to begin your streak during the specified hour. For example, if the streak bonus offer hour is from 3 PM-4 PM, you must accept the first ride by 4 PM. If you accept the remaining rides required after the streak bonus offer hour, the streak bonus is still valid. A streak will not be initiated by a ride that is cancelled for any reason. You can complete multiple streaks during active streak hours if the first ride in each streak was accepted during the streak bonus hour and you meet streak’s requirements again.

The required number of rides changes for each streak bonus. You can see active streaks and track your progress online in the Lyft Driver app. The streak counter increases with each successful, back-to-back pickup in a streak.

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How to earn the bonus

When we notify you that a streak bonus hour is live, follow these steps:

  1. Pick up or accept the first ride during a streak bonus hour and complete that ride
  2. Stay online in driver mode
  3. Stay online and accept every ride until you've completed a required number of rides
  4. That’s it! Cash out and look out for the next streak


When a streak bonus hour is active, the app lets you keep track of your Streak Bonus progress.

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When a streak bonus is live

Streak bonuses are available at busy times when there are a lot of passengers requesting rides. The exact times may vary by the region you are in.

As long as your first completed ride is accepted or started in the bonus hour, your streak will count for the bonus (even if rides after the first ride start after the bonus hour period).

If we let you know 3 pm-4 pm is a streak bonus hour and you accept the first ride request at 3:55 pm, it doesn’t matter when you receive and accept the remaining ride requests if the streak isn’t broken.

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How a streak breaks

A streak will break between rides if a driver:

  • Logs out of Driver Mode
  • Cancels a ride
  • Misses a ride request

Your ride streak may be affected if you fall behind the original ETA by more than 5 minutes while on your way to pick up a rider.

Heads up:  Entering destination mode will no longer break a streak. When you reach your destination in destination mode, you will automatically be logged out of driver mode, which will break a streak.

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Bonus payout

Your Streak Bonus is added to your earnings as soon as the streak’s last ride is completed.


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Passenger cancellations during a streak

You won’t be penalized if a passenger cancels during a streak bonus hour. Rides cancelled by passengers won’t count toward your streak or break a current streak.

However, if a passenger makes the first ride request for your streak during the streak bonus hour but cancels the request after the hour ends, the ride won’t go toward your Streak Bonus and the streak will end.

For example, say there’s a streak bonus hour from 5 PM-6 PM and a passenger requests the first ride in your streak at 5:56 PM. If the passenger cancels at 6:02 PM, you’ll be unable to receive additional requests within the streak hour so the streak will end.


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How Shared rides count

Each pickup during a Shared ride counts as a ride toward your streak, which can help you reach your required rides faster.

For instance, if you pick up three passengers as three different Shared pickups, your total would be three rides.

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Joanna drives with Lyft. She checks the app and sees a $10 Streak Bonus active from 8 AM-9 AM on three rides.

She only needs to accept or pick up the first ride between 8 AM-9 AM to start the streak, then complete any two rides sent her way. As long as the first ride starts during the bonus streak hour timeframe, the streak counts!

Joanna goes online and gets her first ride request at 8:45 AM. She stays online in driver mode and accepts the next two rides, finishing the third ride at 9:45 AM.

Because she completed her 3-ride streak, Joanna will see a $10 bonus added to her total earnings for the week.

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