How to refer drivers

Each new driver can only be referred by one other person. There are three ways to get credit for referring new drivers.

1. Refer from the App 

You can refer new drivers right in the app:

  1. Tap the menu button in the top left corner
  2. Select ‘Refer friends’
  3. Choose ‘Refer drivers’
  4. From there, copy, text, or email your referral code to anyone in your address book.

If a friend applies with your code and meets the ride requirement, you’ll each get a bonus. (Terms apply.)

See Your Referral Stats In-App

You can track your referrals’ progress in the app, too. Visit the new ‘Driver referrals’ card in Driver Stats to check how close you are to a bonus. 

2. Using your Referral Dashboard

Log into the Referral Dashboard.

From there, you can enter your friends' email addresses to send them invites. When they click your link, they'll be guided through the application process.

That's it! Your code will be applied to their account, and you'll be able to earn any bonuses that apply.

3. Sharing your referral code

Each driver has their own unique referral code. Your friends can enter your code directly into their app upon sign-up, and you'll both be eligible for any promotions being offered.

If your friends click your referral link your code is automatically applied. You can post your link to social media or share it via email in the Referral Dashboard.

Note: You can check your referrals' progress in the Dashboard

Referral bonuses

In certain cities, you can get rewarded for referring new drivers. Learn more here.

Bonus amounts depend on the new driver's city.

The new driver's market determines eligibility for both you and the referred driver. When they begin their application, they select which region where they'll be driving.

Bonuses are added to your driver payout.

After your referral completes the requirements, you'll both receive an email to let you know. Keep in mind it can take 1-2 pay cycles for a bonus to be paid out. Your driver summary will show the amount when it's added to your deposit.

Terms and conditions are subject to change.

Contact Lyft

If you have a question or issue about a driver referral, send us a message by tapping 'Contact Support' below. Include the following:

  • The full name and phone number or email address of the friend you're referring
  • Details about the issue
  • Screenshots of any promotions you received (texts, emails, etc.)

Need help? Tap 'Call Me' to contact our driver support team.


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