How to Apply to Become a Lyft Driver

Applying to be a driver is easy, as long as you and your vehicle meet the requirements. You can start your application online or through the app.

How to start a driver application

Create a Lyft account through the app, or on the web at lyft.com/drivers.

Enter your name, phone number, and email address, or connect through Facebook (which will input your name, picture, and email address from your Facebook account). Then follow the steps to enter all the info we need to make sure you meet the requirements.

If you have a promo code, enter it upon sign-up. If you apply through a link on a website, the code will be added automatically. 

Can I exit the app or website and come back to finish my application?

Yes, all of your information will be saved, even if you sign out completely.

How can I check the status of my application?

You can check your application status any time at lyft.com/drivers.

Make sure you log in using the same info each time — whether you originally started your application by logging in with Facebook or your phone number, you should always choose that same option when logging in to the website or mobile app.

Contacting Lyft

We’re happy to look into any issue you’re having with your driver application.

  • Background Check: Keep in mind that it can take several weeks to process. You can check for updates to your Background Check here
  • Vehicle: See the 'Requirements' section above for Lyft's vehicle age and type requirements. 
  • City or state-specific requirements or TNC permitting: See your city or state-specific requirement page for more information.
  • Mentor Session or inspection: Learn about the Mentor Session here, and to lyft.com/drivers to schedule a time to meet your Mentor.
  • Referral code: See our promotions page, and be sure to check your inbox — we may have already sent you an email which answers your question. 
  • Something else: Tap 'Contact Support' below and choose the drop-down that most closely describes your issue. Include the following info:
    1. The region in which you're applying to be a driver.
    2. The context, or a screen shot, of the error message you're seeing (if any).
    3. The code you're trying to apply to your account (if any).
    4. A brief description of the issue you're experiencing.

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