Authorization Holds

When you create a Lyft account, update your payment method, or request a ride, you may see a pending transaction on your payment method. This is not an extra charge, it’s just a temporary authorization hold used to verify your payment method.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Lyft ride was not $25. What is this extra charge?
This is a temporary authorization hold, not a charge. Like many other merchants, Lyft uses authorization holds to confirm your payment method. The hold will never actually process, but may show up as "pending" on your bank statement.

When is an authorization hold released?
If you see a pending amount, it will be removed by your card issuer within 3-5 business days, and your card will never actually be charged. Once you’ve paid for your ride and your card is successfully charged, Lyft immediately releases the hold. Please contact your bank for more information about their authorization timeframes and policies.

This hold caused an overdraft. How should I proceed?
For questions about overdraft fees, please contact your bank directly.

See Your Actual Charges in the App
To review your actual charges, use Lyft’s in-app ride history.


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