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Viewing Turbo
You can view weekly offers in the Weekly Planner. Turbo for the following Monday to Sunday will be published on Thursdays at 9pm.
You can earn 10-40% more on every ride when Turbo is live.
Completing Turbo
Turbo is available for select drivers. To confirm that Turbo has been applied, you can check:
  • On the accept screen, where it will be included in the Upfront Pay amount.
  • In your ride receipt.
  • In your weekly breakdown, where you can see the total amount you earned with Turbo that week.
Calculating Turbo
Turbo is a bonus that's calculated as a percentage increase of the ride's base earnings.
The percentage applies to a ride’s base earnings, so a $10 ride with 20% Turbo would become $12.
Turbo offers only apply to Base Earnings for completed rides. Turbo does not apply to taxes, tolls, tips, or other bonuses.
Any other bonuses you may achieve are added on top of Turbo.
Qualifying for Turbo
No action is required for a driver to qualify for Turbo. If Turbo is available to you, you will see the offers in your weekly schedule in the Driver app. You will also receive an email and a push notification.
To earn Turbo, rides must be accepted during an hour in which Turbo is live, and they must be completed.
Turbo does not apply to scheduled rides you accepted in advance.
Terms and Conditions
Promotion available only to select drivers who have received an email and a push notification about Turbo by email, and/or who can view Turbo offers in the Driver app.
To qualify, rides must be accepted during an hour in which Turbo is live. Only completed rides qualify for Turbo. Turbo applies only to Base Earnings.
This promotion is specific to the intended recipient of this message and may not be transferred. All Turbo earnings will be issued following ride completion, along with Base Earnings.
Promotion subject to Lyft’s Terms of Service.

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