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Electrify America discount

Lyft drivers can now get discounts on electric vehicle (EV) charging at Electrify America stations by requesting an enrollment code from Lyft. All drivers can get up to 23% off. Gold, Platinum, and Elite drivers get 29% off.
To request a discount code, go to your Lyft Rewards menu or Electric Vehicle Hub in the Driver app and find the Electrify America discount. You'll need to provide your VIN to get your discount. If your VIN is not on file, you’ll need to add or resubmit insurance documents.  To go to your Electric Vehicle Hub, open the main menu in the Lyft driver app, then:
  1. Tap ‘Vehicles and Devices.’
  2. Tap ‘Electric Vehicle Hub.’
Once you’ve requested a discount enrollment code, it can take up to 2 hours for Electrify America to confirm it.
We will send you a text and push notification with your code when it’s ready to use. If you miss the notification, return to the Electrify America discount in the Lyft Rewards menu and we’ll display the code there as well.
Once you receive your enrollment code, you’ll need to download the Electrify America app to create an account. After you’ve created an Electrify America account, you can add your enrollment code to it.
For more information on how to do this, see the Electrify America guide here.
If you upgrade from Silver to Gold, we’ll send you a new enrollment code to add to your Electrify America account to get even greater discounts.

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