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Massachusetts airport information for drivers

To ensure a smooth airport experience for you and your passengers, make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules below. Tap each link to jump to detailed instructions on each section:
The following information applies to all airports:
Airport officials will issue administrative citations to drivers who do not follow the rules. You are responsible for paying any tickets you receive for violating airport rules and regulations.
Lyft emblem
  1. Keep your Lyft emblem displayed in your lower right hand (passenger side) of your front windshield at all times while giving Lyft rides.
  2. If you are giving a non-Lyft ride at the airport, make sure to remove your emblem before entering airport property.
  3. If you’ve just been approved to drive, you should receive your Lyft emblem shortly. If you didn't get one or need a new one, place an order in your Dashboard. While waiting for it to arrive, you may print a temporary emblem.
Image of the Lyft emblem.
Conduct at the airport
  1. Do not stop or pull over in crosswalks.
  2. Do not park in red zones or taxi/shuttle areas unless otherwise specified in the rules above.
  3. Always follow instructions given by airport personnel.
  4. If you run into any trouble, like a regulatory citation, reach out to our Support team. We're here to help 24/7.
  1. Airport authorities may ask you for a waybill, which shows your latest ride. Click here to learn how to access your waybill.
Permitted Airports
Drivers on the Lyft platform are responsible for knowing and following all airport regulations in order to avoid receiving administrative citations from the airport. Lyft is available at the following airports in Massachusetts:
Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)
You are only allowed to pick up passengers if you have received a Massachusetts Background Check Clearance Certificate from the Department of Public Utilities (DPU). Click here to learn more.
Map of the staging area at the Boston Logan International Airport
Waiting for requests:
  1. Wait in the designated staging area. Only drivers within the designated staging area are added to the queue.
  2. Drivers must be logged into driver mode and in the queue while waiting in the staging area. Failure to be in driver mode while in the staging area is considered loitering and is subject to citations from airport authority.
  3. The queue is first in-first out. The driver who has been waiting within the staging area in driver mode the longest gets the next request. Your physical location within the staging area does not affect your spot in the queue, but if you exit the staging area or log out of driver mode, you will lose your spot.
  4. Bathrooms are available in the staging lot. Men's restrooms are freely accessible without a code. Women's restrooms will need a code to access.
  5. If the staging area is full, you must leave the airport. You may not wait for requests anywhere else on airport property or use any other parking lots while in driver mode.
  6. Passenger cancellations don't affect your place in line. If your passenger cancels on you, head back to the staging area. As long as you're back within 15 minutes, you'll be placed at the front of the queue.
  7. Driver cancellations and missed requests do affect your place in line. You can miss or decline up to 3 rides before getting placed at the back of the queue.
  8. You can view your place in line in the app. Learn how to view your position in the queue here.
Map of the Central garage (west) and Central garage at Boston Logan International Airport.
Image of BOS Terminal B.
  1. Beginning 11/16/2022, pickups for Terminal B will move to the Terminal B Garage. Pickups for Terminals A, C, & E will remain in the Central Garage.
    1. Terminal A & E pickups will occur in Central Garage (West). Enter from the northeast entrance and follow the described route here.
    2. Terminal B pickups will occur in the Terminal B Garage. Enter the garage using the entrance on the Departures Level to Level 2.
    3. Terminal C pickups will occur in the Central Garage. Enter from the northwest entrance and follow the described route here.
  2. The Lyft app moves the passenger's pin to an approved pickup area. If you're having trouble finding each other, make sure you have both gone to the pin's location and are on the correct level of the airport.
  3. Accessibility Accommodation: Riders with accessibility needs will continue to request pickups directly from the curb at all terminals. If you receive a request that says "Logan Airport Terminal A/B/C/E" please proceed directly to Arrivals curbside at that terminal to meet your rider. You do not need to (and should not) ask your rider if they have accessibility needs. As long as the app directs you to the curbside pickup spot, you are permitted to pick up there.
  4. Do not pick up passengers at the curbside terminal entrance.
  5. Do not wait or circle back at the airport if the passenger is delayed when picking up. Instead, head to the staging area and wait there.
  6. Short ride bump: If you receive a request for a short ride from the airport after waiting in the queue, you may qualify for a higher queue position after you drop off your passenger. You’ll receive an SMS after dropping off to let you know you have the option to return to the staging area for a preferred spot in the queue. Please note, if you give a ride before returning to the staging area, you may still qualify for a preferred spot in line.
  7. Garage Waiting After Drop-off: After completing an airport drop-off, you may receive an in-app notification directing you to head towards the garage. While en route, you may receive a ride request. If you do not, you are permitted to wait in the pickup area for up to 10 minutes. The designated waiting area is in one of the pickup stalls within the Central Garage or Terminal B Garage.
    1. All drivers looking to do an airport ride should still start at the staging area.
    2. Do not go straight to the curb unless directed to do so by the app.
  1. From the hours of 4:00am - 10:00am, drop-offs for all passengers going to Terminals A, B & E will move to the arrivals level for each terminal (Terminal C always drops off in the Central Garage).
  2. From the hours of 10:00am - 4:00am, drop-offs Terminal A, C & E passengers will move to the designated drop-off zones in the central garage.
  3. Beginning 11/16/2022, from the hours of 10:00am - 4:00am, drop-offs for Terminal B passengers will move to the Terminal B Garage
  4. Do not wait at the airport terminal or accept additional ride requests after drop-off. Instead, proceed to the staging area.
Massachusetts Background Check Clearance Certificate:
This document is an example of a Background Check Clearance Certificate for Massachusetts.
  1. In order to pick up at BOS airport, you must receive a Massachusetts Background Check Clearance Certificate from the Department of Public Utilities (DPU). Click here to learn more.
  2. Important note: You must have a digital (located in your inbox after you have received an email from the DPU) or printed version of your certificate with you at all times while on airport property. Failure to have your certificate when approached by an officer could result in a fine.
  3. You may reach out to the DPU by filling out the following form on the agency’s website: Ask the TNC Division your rideshare questions.
Boston Airport Rules Acknowledgement:
  1. Drivers on the Lyft platform are responsible for knowing the Boston Logan Airport rules and regulations; and training materials prior to operating there. To certify that you understand the requirements for operating at the airport, access and complete your acknowledgement within the Lyft app.
This GIF shows how to view Boston Rules & Regulations.
Additional rules:
  1. Your trunk must be open at all times while on the TNC stand waiting for your passenger.
  2. You must have your Background Check Clearance Certificate ($500 fine).
  3. You cannot commit any disorderly, obscene, threatening, indecent, violent, or unlawful act, or threaten any person at Boston Logan Airport ($500 fine).
  4. You cannot commit an act that is likely to endanger any person or property at Boston Logan Airport ($500 fine).
  5. You may not solicit, accept, arrange, or provide transportation outside of the app or solicit hails from a person ($200 fine).
  6. You must display two Lyft trade dress emblems — one on the front and and one on the rear window of your car. You may be given a $200 fine if you don't display both dress emblems. If you need new emblems, reach out to us or print your own temporary emblems.
  7. You must pick riders up in airport designated App Ride/TNC pickup areas; see above for a map ($200 fine).
  8. You must be in the airport designated staging area to receive requests. See instructions and map above. Lyft will not send ride requests outside the lot ($100 fine).
  9. You must follow the airport designated routes to passenger pickup zones; see above for details ($100 fine).
  10. You must not stand outside your vehicle without authorization ($100 fine).
  11. Do not litter in the staging area.
  12. Do not leave your vehicle unattended in the staging area.
Other pickup areas:
You may be sent to pick up passengers from the following locations while waiting in the airport queue in the staging area — do not use these locations to wait for ride requests. Click here to see a map of the pickup locations listed below.
  1. Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel Pickup Area: 1 Hotel Dr, Boston, MA 02128
  2. Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor Hotel Pickup Area: 101 Harborside Drive, MA 02128
  3. Embassy Suites at Logan Airport Hotel Pickup Area: 207 Porter Street, MA 02128
  4. Signature Flight Support (General Aviation) Pickup Area: 240 Prescott Street, MA 02128
  5. Rental Car Center Pickup Area: Far side of Rental Car Center on the right
Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK)
This image is a map of the ACK airport. It includes pickup and drop-off areas.
  1. Pick up passengers from the parking lot directly across from the terminal (pictured above).
  2. Do not wait or circle back at the airport if the passenger is delayed when picking up. ACK requires you to leave the airport and kindly ask your passenger to request another ride when he or she is ready.
  1. Drop off passengers at Departures, at the passenger's carrier of choice.
  2. Do not wait at the airport terminal or accept additional ride requests after drop-off.
All Other Permitted Airports
The rules below for pickups and drop-offs apply to the following airports:
  1. Provincetown Airport | PVC
  2. Worcester Regional | ORH
  1. Pick up passengers from Arrivals, at your passenger’s carrier of choice.
  2. Do not wait or circle back at the airport if the passenger is delayed when picking up.
  1. Drop off passengers curbside at the terminal entrance, at your passenger’s carrier of choice.
  2. Do not wait at the airport terminal after drop-off.

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