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How drivers and passengers are paired

We pair riders with drivers who'll arrive the soonest. This keeps drivers busy and riders with low ETAs. When you drop off a rider, it's likely that your next request will be close by.
We also keep in mind driver and rider preferences. For example, if a driver is using a location filter or if either person has ever rated the other three stars or below.
How rides are paired
We consider many factors when pairing drivers and riders such as:
  1. the distance between the rider’s and driver’s locations
  2. driver ride preferences (e.g. location filters)
  3. expected benefits and costs to drivers, riders, and Lyft.
To get more ride requests:
  1. make sure all filters (like location filters or ride type restrictions) are off
  2. go closer to areas of high demand
  3. limit phone interactions
  4. drive safely and follow local traffic laws and Lyft’s Community Guidelines
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