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    Cancellation and no-show fee policy for drivers

    Lyft uses cancellation and no-show fees to make sure drivers are paid for their time and effort.
    Drivers are paid a minimum cancellation fee or earn based on the time and distance they drive – whichever is greater.
    You can see your per-minute and per-mile rates for each ride on your rate card.
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    Passenger cancellations

    Drivers get a cancellation fee when the passenger cancels the ride, and all these requirements are met:
    • The passenger's cancellation window has passed
    • The driver’s making progress to the passenger's pickup location
    • The driver’s on track to arrive by the estimated arrival time
    The minimum cancellation fee amount varies based on the area.
    Seattle has more specific requirements to receive a cancellation fee. Go the Seattle, King County, & Tacoma Driver Information page to learn more.

    Passenger no-shows

    Drivers get a no-show fee when a passenger isn’t at their pickup location. If this happens, drivers should follow these steps:
    1. Tap to arrive at the pickup location.
    2. Wait for the timer to count down to 0:00 without moving from the pickup location.
    3. Contact the passenger or respond to the passenger contacting you.
    4. Cancel the ride by tapping 'Passenger is no-show' and then tap 'Confirm no-show.'
    Drivers won't get a no-show fee if they're:
    • Too far from the pickup location
    • More than five minutes past the estimated arrival time
    Seattle drivers need to meet more specific requirements to receive a no-show fee.
    Find more information in the Lyft Terms of Service.

    Health safety cancellations

    To keep our community safe, Lyft now requires all drivers and passengers to agree to the Health Safety Commitment.
    This says that everyone in the ride must wear a face covering, and no one can sit in the front passenger seat.
    Lyft’s Health Safety Commitment follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) rideshare guidelines and local regulations.
    If your passenger isn’t following the commitment, you can cancel the ride. Passengers can also cancel the ride if you aren’t following the same commitment.

    Lyft Shared rides

    If a passenger cancels or is a no-show before you have other passengers in your car, you can get a fee.
    You won’t receive a cancellation or no-show fee during a Shared ride if there are already passengers in your car.
    Shared rides are now limited to one passenger per pickup (previously, they were limited to two per pickup).
    If there’s more than one person at a pickup, cancel the ride and tap ‘Too many passengers.’ This won’t affect your acceptance rate, driver rating, or any ride streaks.

    When to cancel a ride

    We know there are times when you’ll need to cancel a ride you've already accepted, such as:
    • You or a loved one has an emergency
    • A passenger verbally or physically threatens your safety. If this happens, go to Safety info for drivers.
    • You've looked for your passenger and tried contacting them, but still don't see them
    To cancel a ride:
    1. Tap the arrow in the top right corner of your app
    2. Tap ‘Cancel’ or ‘No-show’
    Lyft's community is diverse, representing differing generations, ethnicities, gender, sexual orientations, and religions. We encourage open-mindedness and mutual respect. Before canceling a ride, please read more about our Anti-Discrimination Policies.

    Acceptance rate

    Canceling a ride after you have already accepted it affects your acceptance rate.
    Your acceptance rate is not affected if a passenger cancels or is a no-show.
    If a passenger contacts you and says they don't need a ride, ask them to cancel the ride in their app.
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