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Cancel and no-show fee policy for drivers

Lyft uses cancel and no-show fees to make sure you’re paid for your time and effort.
You’ll either get paid a minimum cancellation fee or receive earnings based on the time and distance you drive, whichever is greater.
You can see your per-minute and per-mile rates for each ride on your rate card.
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Cancellation info
Your cancellation fee is calculated with your rate card, based on your time and distance on the way to the passenger.
There’s a minimum cancellation fee amount to make sure you’re paid for your time and effort. You can view your cancellation fee minimum in your rate card.
Your acceptance rate isn’t affected if your passenger cancels, or if they’re a no-show.
Washington drivers need to meet more specific requirements to receive a no-show fee. See the Washington Driver Information page to learn more.
Acceptance rate
Canceling a ride after you’ve already accepted it affects your acceptance rate.
Your acceptance rate isn't affected if a passenger cancels or is a no-show.
If a passenger contacts you and says they don't need a ride, ask them to cancel the ride in their app.
Scheduled rides
If your plans change, you can cancel the scheduled ride in the app so that another driver can take it.
If the passenger cancels less than one hour before the pickup time, and you’re already online, you’ll get paid a $10 cancellation fee.
If you cancel or don’t complete an excessive number of scheduled rides, your access to scheduled rides may be reduced for the next 14 days.
You may lose your scheduled ride if you're not able to arrive on time or are not online at least 30 minutes before the pickup.
If you’re estimated to arrive more than 10 minutes late for the pickup and the passenger decides to cancel, you won’t receive a cancellation fee.
Note: Only reserve scheduled rides that you’re able to complete.
Passenger no-shows
If your passenger isn’t at the pickup location, you’ll receive a cancel fee as long as you:
  1. Tap to arrive as close to the passenger’s pickup location as possible.
  2. Wait for the time to count down to 0:00 without moving from the pickup location.
  3. Contact the passenger or respond if they contact you.
  4. Cancel the ride by tapping ‘Passenger didn't show up’.
  5. Tap ‘Cancel ride’ to finish.
Note: If you miss any of these steps, you won’t be eligible for a cancel fee.
You won't get a no-show fee if you're:
  1. Too far from the pickup location.
Washington drivers need to meet more specific requirements to receive a no-show fee. See the Washington Driver Information page to learn more.
Find more information in the Lyft Terms of Service.
I canceled the ride
There may be times when you have to cancel a ride for reasons outside your control.
Always ask your passenger to cancel their ride if:
  1. Your passenger has luggage or other items that can’t fit in your car.
  2. You have a technical issue where you can’t tap to arrive or pick up.
  3. Roadwork or drawbridges prevent you from reaching the pickup location.
Some other reasons why you might cancel a ride include (but aren’t limited to):
  1. You or a loved one has an emergency.
  2. You feel unsafe completing the ride.
  3. You've looked for your passenger, tried contacting them, and still can’t see them.
  4. Your passenger is under the age of 18 and not accompanied by an adult.
  5. Your passenger didn’t bring a car seat for their child.
  6. There were too many passengers to fit in your vehicle.
To cancel a ride:
  1. Swipe up on the bottom panel.
  2. Tap ‘Cancel,’ and then select the option that fits your situation.
Lyft's community is diverse, representing differing generations, ethnicities, gender, sexual orientations, and religions. We encourage open-mindedness and mutual respect. Before canceling a ride, please read more about our Anti-Discrimination Policies.
Health safety cancellations
The CDC updated its guidance for transportation, and masks are now optional in all rides.
Drivers and riders aren’t required to wear a mask during rides, but you can keep wearing one if it makes you more comfortable.
Although you won’t be able to report a rider or driver for health safety reasons, you can still report a ride if you feel unsafe.
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