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    Lyft app permissions for riders

    To get the most out of using the Lyft app, we request access to your location data, contacts, and camera.
    You can change your security preferences at any time in your phone’s settings.
    These permissions are never used outside your normal use of the app. We take your data privacy seriously. View our Privacy Policy for more information.
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    Location data

    Lyft uses your phone’s location services to give you a great ride experience. We only access your location if the Lyft app is running on your phone. If you close the app, we won't access that info.
    Sharing your location data with us turns background location sharing on. Background location sharing means you're sharing your location with us even when the app isn't visible on your screen.
    You can control background location sharing in your Lyft app settings.
    1. Open your settings in the Lyft app main menu
    2. Tap 'Privacy'
    3. Turn 'Background location sharing' on or off
    If you turn background location sharing off, Lyft will only use your location when you have the app open on your device. If you open a different app, we'll stop using your location until you open Lyft again.
    If you turn on background location sharing, you have two options for how you share that info:
    • Share from request to drop off: share your location data until the end of the ride
    • Share until pick up: share your location data until you’re picked up
    Independent of choices you make using this setting, Lyft still collects trip location information from your driver for all rides.

    Camera and contacts

    If you want to upload a profile picture, we’ll ask for access to your camera or photos.
    You can invite your friends to take their first Lyft ride, or send your ride details to friends.
    Giving us access to your contacts makes it easier to use the Lyft app, but you don't have to. If you don’t want to give us access to your contacts, you can share an invite instead.

    iOS Calendar

    You can link your iOS Calendar with Lyft. After opting in, Lyft will look for upcoming reservations and send reminders to get you where you need to go.
    You control the calendars Lyft can access. Lyft will only use events related to travel to send reminders. You can opt-out anytime.

    Opting in

    To link your iOS Calendar:
    1. Open the Lyft app main menu, then tap ‘Settings.’
    2. Tap 'Privacy.'
    3. Tap 'Connect calendars to get reminders,' then tap 'Next.'
    4. When asked if you’d like for Lyft to access your calendar, tap "Ok."
    5. Select which calendar you want to enable.
    Note: Android and Google calendar aren’t supported.

    Opting out

    To opt out of integrating your iOS Calendar:
    1. Open the Lyft app main menu, then tap ‘Settings.’
    2. Tap 'Privacy.'
    3. Tap 'Connect calendars to get reminders.'
    4. Tap ‘ Calendars’  to disable access to your iOS Calendar.
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