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Driving in different cities

You can change your driver region in the Lyft Driver app.
To change your driver region, open the Lyft Driver app, then:
  1. Open the main menu, then tap 'Get Help.'
  2. Tap 'Help Center,' then tap 'Account and earnings.'
  3. Tap 'Change where you drive.'
  4. Tap 'Select new region' or 'Contact support.'
Note: Changing where you drive may cause your account to be inactive for a few days as we process your application. You may also lose access to your current incentives or Lyft Rewards status.
To get approved to drive in a new place, you may be required to:
  1. Upload additional documents.
  2. Get your car inspected.
  3. Wait for existing documents to be re-approved.
  4. Wait for Lyft to complete another background check.
Note: Cities may have differing requirements to drive with Lyft, including vehicle inspections.
Once we add your city preferences, your account will start showing you relevant promos and documents.
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