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Lyft Pass

Businesses can use a Lyft Pass to cover some or all of the cost of your Lyft rides (excluding tips).
Your organization may share your Lyft Pass with you using a code, email, or link. They may also add the pass directly to your account using your phone number.
You'll need to download the Lyft app and set up an account in order to use your Lyft Pass.
To enter a code in your app, open the menu and tap 'Payment', then tap 'Add Lyft Pass.'
If your organization sends you an email or a link, follow the instructions to open the link to add your pass to your account.
Your Lyft Pass may have specific requirements – such as certain ride types or times that it can be used. You can view the details of your pass by opening the menu and tapping 'Payments.'
Lyft Passes automatically apply to qualifying personal rides. When you're requesting a ride, you can select your personal profile by tapping your payment method above the 'Select Lyft' button.
If you have an issue with a Lyft Pass, you can contact us below.

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