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    Lyft Rewards

    The Lyft Rewards program rewards you for giving rides during busy hours.
    For every eligible dollar you earn during busy hours, you can earn points with Lyft Rewards.
    Lyft Rewards is divided into  Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers. Each tier comes with different rewards like discounted auto maintenance, roadside assistance, and TurboTax savings.
    Unlock new tiers by earning points and maintaining your driving score/rating.
    Go to the ‘Feedback and Rewards’ tab in your app and tap ‘Lyft Rewards’ for details on how Lyft Rewards works for you.
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    Earning Lyft Rewards points

    For every eligible dollar you earn during busy hours, you can earn Lyft Rewards points.
    Give rides during busy hours to earn points.
    To view your local busy hours:
    1. Open the app's main menu, then tap 'Feedback and Rewards.'
    2. Tap 'Lyft Rewards.'
    3. Tap 'Learn more.'

    Eligible Earnings

    Drivers earn 1 point per eligible dollar for driving during busy hours.  For rides accepted or dropped off during a busy hour, you earn points on:
    • Base fares.
    • Time and distance earnings.
    • Tips (up to $15 per ride).
    You don’t earn points on other types of earnings, which include:
    • Cancel fees.
    • Earnings from rides not accepted or dropped off during busy hours.
    • Ride bonuses, such as Streak bonuses.
    • Other bonuses, earnings, and fees.
    Visit the ‘Feedback and Rewards’ tab in your Lyft Driver app menu, and tap ‘Lyft Rewards’ to see busy hours in your area.

    Requirements for each tier

    Unlock new tiers by keeping your driving score and driver rating high.
    The requirements for each tier are:
    • 60% driving score to unlock this tier.
    • 55% or higher driving score to keep this tier within a qualifying period.
    • No driver rating requirement.
    Gold and Platinum
    • 80% driving score to unlock these tiers.
    • 75% or higher driving score to keep these tiers within a qualifying period.
    • 4.90 driver rating.
    Note: If your driving score/driver rating falls below tier requirements, your tier status will expire at the end of the period. Qualification periods begin on the first day of every month and end on the last day. If you bring your driving score/driver rating back up before the end of the month, you’ll keep your tier status.

    Score and rating requirements

    Driving score and driver rating are different.
    Your driving score is the combination of your  acceptance rate, cancel rate, and any flags on your account.
    Your driver rating is based on how your passengers rate their rides with you.
    You’ll want to keep both your score and your rating high to maintain your tier status.
    To learn how to maintain a strong rating and driving score:
    1. Open the main menu, then tap 'Support and Safety.'
    2. Tap 'Learning Center.'
    3. Scroll down to 'Rating and Tips.'

    Qualifying periods

    Qualification periods begin on the first day of the month. They end on the last day of the month.
    For example:
    Qualifying period 1: January 1 - January 31
    Qualifying period 2: February 1 - February 28 or February 29, if applicable.
    The points you earn during a qualifying period help you unlock tiers. Points reset at the beginning of each qualifying period.
    Once you reach a tier, you’ll keep your status for the rest of the current qualifying period and the next qualifying period, as long as you continue to meet eligibility requirements.
    If your driving score or driver rating drops below the requirement, you will lose your tier status. See the section above for tips on keeping your driving score and driver rating high.

    Lyft Rewards benefits

    Lyft Rewards benefits vary by tier. You get more benefits with every tier you unlock.

    Silver benefits

    When you unlock Silver, you earn:
    • Discounted auto maintenance and repairs with Openbay.
    • Discounted roadside assistance with Allstate.
    • Savings on TurboTax Self-Employed.

    Gold benefits

    When you unlock Gold, you get:
    • All Silver rewards.
    • Ability to see the direction and length of a ride before you accept it. Note: To have this benefit, you need a 90% acceptance rate in all cities except California.
    • One additional use of Destination Mode each day.
    • Exclusive access to Preferred rides*.
    *This means you get more rides and a bonus for every Preferred ride you give. Preferred rides are only available in select cities  for a limited time.
    Preferred rides require:
    • A 4.90 rating.
    • 2014 or newer vehicle.
    • 300 lifetime rides.
    • Fewer than two clean flags in the last 20 rides.
    • 37" or more of legroom (based on manufacturer specifications).

    Platinum benefits

    When you unlock Platinum, you’ll get:
    • All Silver rewards.
    • All Gold rewards.
    • Two additional uses of Destination Mode each day.
    • Additional savings on roadside assistance with Allstate.
    Additionally, you’ll qualify for streak bonus privileges that allow you  to get up to two prorated bonuses for partially completed streaks every 30 days. Limits apply.

    Openbay benefit

    Openbay is an online marketplace for vehicle services and maintenance.
    As a Lyft Rewards driver, you can access discounted pricing on vehicle services with Openbay.
    To see what services and pricing are available to you: 1. Open the main menu, then tap 'Feedback and Rewards.' 2. Tap 'Lyft Rewards.' 3. Tap 'Save on car services.'
    If you have questions about appointment scheduling, services offered, locations where Openbay is available, or pricing, you can call Openbay support at (617) 398-8888, or email them at


    This program is governed by the Lyft Rewards Terms and Conditions and by the Lyft Terms of Service.

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