Cancellation and no-show fee policy for drivers

As consideration for your time and effort, drivers receive cancellation and no-show fees. Fees are based on your region and ride type, so use the Cities page to see specific amounts.

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Cancellations by passengers

If a passenger cancels when you've already started driving, you'll get a cancellation fee when either:

  1. At least 2 minutes have passed since the request was made
  2. You're on track to arrive within 5 minutes of the original estimated arrival time

Cancellation fees aren't subject to Lyft's commission, which means you keep the entire amount. Fees are added to your weekly payout and shown on your earnings.

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Passenger no-shows

You'll receive a no-show fee when:

1. You tap to arrive at the pickup location


2. The timer counts down to 0:00


3. You contact the passenger (you call them or they call you)


4. You cancel the ride by tapping "Passenger is no-show" and then tap "Confirm no-show"


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Lyft Line fee policies

For the first party in your Line ride, the criteria above are the same. That means if a passenger cancels or doesn’t show before you have other passengers, you’ll be paid the fee as usual.

Once you have a passenger in your ride, you won’t receive additional cancel or no-show fees because you’re already earning based on the time and distance you traveled to pick up that passenger.

After arriving at a Line pickup location, the app will prompt you to confirm the number of passengers you're picking up.

If the party size is the same as requested, tap 'Confirm.' If a passenger shows up with more people in their party then originally requested, tap 'Other' to skip the pickup. Skipping pickups like this won't affect your acceptance rate or driver rating.

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Driver cancellations

Cancellations are a bad experience for all parties, so we recommend using discretion when cancelling rides.

Drivers can cancel a ride by tapping the arrow in the top right corner of the app during a ride and selecting either 'Cancel' or 'No-show.'

Of course, we know there are times when it's perfectly reasonable for you to cancel a ride you've already accepted, such as:

  • You or a loved one has an emergency
  • Passenger verbally or physically threatens your safety (if this happens, go to Safety info for drivers and tap ‘Call Me’)
  • You’ve looked for and tried contacting a passenger but still don’t see them

When cancelling rides, remember that Lyft’s community is diverse, representing different generations, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and religions. We encourage open-mindedness and mutual respect. Read more about our Anti-Discrimination Policies.

If you cancelled a ride for safety reasons or couldn’t contact a passenger (for example, if they had an incorrect or disconnected phone number), tap 'Contact Support' below to let us know.

Include the following:

  • Requesting passenger's name
  • Time and date of ride
  • Pickup location

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Cancellations and acceptance rate

When a passenger cancels or is marked no-show, your acceptance rate won’t be affected.

If a passenger contacts you saying they don’t need a ride but they’ve already requested it, ask them to cancel the ride on their end.

If you've arrived at a passenger's pickup location and they don't show up after you've tapped to arrive, try to call them and wait for the timer to count down to 0:00.

After the timer runs out, you'll be able to mark the passenger as a no-show by tapping "Passenger is no-show" and then tapping "Confirm no-show." Your acceptance rate will not be affected.

Need help? Tap 'Call Me' to speak directly with our driver support team. After you enter your number, we'll connect you in a few moments.


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