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    How to fix log-in issues

    We know it's important for you to access your Lyft account when you need it. Follow these steps to make sure you can receive verification codes to solve log-in problems.
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    Before you begin

    Get started

    1. If you're still logged in, log out of the app in the 'Settings' tab, then close the app on your device
    2. Text START to 46080 (59381 for CANADA) and follow the instructions
    3. Restart your device and re-open the app
    4. Tap 'Get Started' and log in
    5. Use the code we text you to verify your phone number. Don't tap 'Resend code.' Messages received out of order prevent logging in.
    6. If you don't get a text after several minutes, tap 'Problems receiving the code?' We'll call your phone with a verification code.
    If you don't receive a verification code after following the steps above, contact your provider directly and ask them to enable the following short codes: 46080 & 55074. Once these short codes are enabled, try logging in again.

    Disabled accounts

    We may disable your passenger account as a way to check for potentially fraudulent activity.
    If your passenger account is disabled, you'll be automatically logged out of the app. When you log in and try to request a ride, you'll see an error message.
    We'll send a text containing a link to passengers if their account is disabled. Use the link we send to verify your identity by submitting the required info. Be sure to double-check all spelling.
    The info we ask for can change but may include your full name, birth date, zip code, or the billing address for your payment method on file.
    If your passenger account is disabled but you didn't see a text or you can't remember info required for verification, tap 'Contact Support' below to let us know.
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