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The Hub is Lyft’s blog, crafted just for drivers. Changes at Lyft can happen very quickly, so we created The Hub to make sure you stay up-to-date — and hear each other’s best stories and advice, too. We’re here to make sure you get Lyft updates, stories, and invites to community events as soon as we do.

Check it out: thehub.lyft.com

Have feedback to improve driver communications? Drop us a line via thehub@lyft.com.

How to submit a story to The Hub

We love to hear stories from the road. Have a page-turner? Share it with us by sending us your story.

Meet other drivers

Driver meetups are a longstanding Lyft tradition. Find a local gathering on the Hub Events page — or plan one of your own.

Host a regularly occurring social

Weekly Socials are driver-led hangouts that happen every week at the same time, date, and place. If you'd like to set one up, let us know by filling out this form.

Please note that Weekly Socials should be held at the same time, date, and place for a minimum of four weeks, so that all drivers have an opportunity to attend. It should ideally become ingrained as a regular weekly hangout spot for drivers to depend on.

Submit your event (reoccurring or not) by Friday at 9 a.m. PST to be included in the following Monday’s Community Digest, our weekly driver email.

Want your weekly driver social to be featured on The Hub? Submit it here.

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