How to add or update payment info

Passengers pay for Lyft rides exclusively through the app, but can tip drivers either in the app or using cash.

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Add or update payment info on the app

Default payment methods can be set for both business and personal rides. Choose and change your payment defaults in the 'Payment tab' of the app, under 'Payment defaults'.

Note: Default payment methods can't be deleted unless you assign a different payment method as the default first.

To add a new payment method from the main menu:

  1. Open the Lyft app
  2. Open the menu in the top left
  3. Tap 'Payment' to add or update payment info.
Changing payment methods while requesting a ride

You can also add or change your payment method before requesting a ride by tapping the payment method shown on the request screen.

After confirming your pickup and dropoff locations, you'll see the default payment method for the ride under the ride type and fare estimate.

Before tapping 'Select Lyft', tap the default payment to add or change payment methods

If a charge fails for a ride, you'll be asked to manually re-enter your payment info the next time you open the app. Once you've re-entered this info, the ride charge will process on this payment method. After, we'll email your ride receipt.

If your card is about to expire, we'll prompt you to update it.


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Add payment info on a web browser

Under the ‘Payment’ tab you can add or switch credit/debit card information and billing address under ‘Payment defaults’.

Although other payment methods are accepted, only credit/debit card information can be added through the web. Payment methods can’t be removed on the web.

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Accepted payment methods

Lyft works with major credit cards (like American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover), debit cards, and prepaid cards. Passengers may also use PayPal (for iOS and Android users), Apple Pay,  Google Pay, or link their bank account. 

Note: In order to add PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, passengers must also have a valid debit or credit card on file.

In order to link a bank account, riders must add a checking account. This feature is currently only available in select regions.

Lyft and its third party processors only process and store your payment card information in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

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View payment history

Within the 'Payment' tab of the Lyft app, ‘Payment history’ allows you to view all of your Lyft charges, including rides, tips, fees, subscriptions, and more.

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