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    Ensuring passenger safety as a driver

    Safety is a key component of the Lyft experience. As a driver, it's important to follow traffic laws as well as the guidelines below to provide safe, dependable rides on the Lyft platform.

    Pull over safely for pickups and drop-offs

    Passengers love getting picked up exactly where they've requested the ride, especially if they aren't very mobile (carrying things or in bad weather, etc). However, if a passenger asks you to pick them up at a busy intersection and you can't sit and wait, give them a call and ask them how long it may take for them to come out. You can either circle the block or wait somewhere else until they call to confirm that they are outside. If the passenger says they are going to be more than 5-10 minutes, feel free let them know that the app will automatically start the ride after one minute.
    You can check out our 5-star driving tips in the Learning Center tab of your Lyft Driver app for advice on picking up rides.

    Passengers feel unsafe when drivers ask for their contact information

    As a driver, you should never ask for the contact information of a passenger. Passengers often feel uncomfortable if you ask for their number, or to be their Facebook friend. If passengers are interested in staying in touch, it is up to them to ask for your contact information or offer you theirs.
    Check out some pro-tips for interacting with passengers:
    • It helps to be professional. We always emphasize being friendly, but there is such a thing as being too friendly. Keep conversation light, and follow the passenger's lead.
    • We recommend that you do not take personal calls while driving. A phone call-free ride creates a friendlier and more welcoming environment for passengers.
    • We advise that you avoid discussing sensitive subjects such as dating, politics, religion, and sexual orientation.
    • Some passengers are looking for a quiet, peaceful ride and may not want to talk. You may not want to force a conversation with a quiet passenger.
    • Discrimination of any kind is not allowed on the platform. Feel free to read more about our anti-discrimination policy.
    • We’re committed to holding each other accountable. We've developed a Community Safety Education program in partnership with RAINN, the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the US. As of 12/15/2019, all drivers are required to complete this program in order to access Driver Mode
    Check out the Learning Center tab of your Lyft Driver app for 5-star driving tips and advice from some of our top drivers on how to handle unexpected passenger situations.

    Only accept rides through the app - don't pick up street hails

    For safety and legal reasons, you can only pick up passengers matched directly through the Lyft app. If someone asks for a ride without using the app, simply suggest they download the Lyft app and request a ride from one of the available community drivers (which will be you, if you're the closest driver).

    Make sure everyone wears a seatbelt

    Drivers should only take as many as passengers as there are seat belts in the car. Bigger groups of passengers should split into two cars, or use Lyft XL, which can seat up to 5 passengers. As part of Lyft's Health Safety Commitment, the front passenger seat must remain empty.

    Don't pick up minors unaccompanied by an adult

    Passengers are more than welcome to request rides for their friends, though we do ask that they give you a heads up. Children 17 or under, however, are not permitted to ride without being accompanied by an adult. If you believe that a ride request was made on behalf of an unaccompanied minor, contact Lyft Support immediately by tapping 'Contact Support' below.

    Unsafe rides

    Passenger feedback may be an indicator of unsafe driving or general safety concerns. Too many of these can result in account deactivation.
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