Subregion pricing

Some cities that Lyft operates in use specialized subregion pricing as a way to balance driver earnings with passengers’ wallets. Subregion pricing may be specialized for distinct areas in a given city.

Drivers who pick up passengers in a subregion receive the subregion’s rate in their earnings. Subregion pricing applies to all modes available in a region.

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How to see subregions

To see subregions:

  1. Head to our Cities page and choose your city
  2. Look below normal rates and active ride types
  3. If your city has subregion pricing, you’ll see a link to the subregion’s blog page below the region's normal rates

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Subregions & bonuses

Subregions don’t have distinct incentives.

Any incentive like Prime Time offered to a broader city also applies to rides taken in the subregion. Ride Challenges are calculated based on the number of completed rides in a region, so rides to, from, or within a subregion count toward that total.

Check out our in-depth driver pay breakdown for more.

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