App access to contacts and camera

As you begin to use Lyft, you may see some prompts to grant certain permissions for content and functionality on your device.

We value your privacy, and our top priority is making sure your data is safe and secure. We'll never make use of any of these permissions without explicit action by you during the normal use of the app.

Why does the app need to access my contacts?

Our app has an “Invite” feature that lets you share the Lyft love with friends, family, anyone in your Contacts. The app only accesses your Contacts when you navigate to the Invite menu tab.

You have our word that no information from your contact book leaves your device unless you intentionally invite your friends to the Lyft community.

Why does the app need access to my camera?

As a new Lyft user, if you create your account with your phone number, you’ll have the option to take a photo for your profile picture.

Mentors are members of the Lyft community that help on-board brand new drivers. Mentors use their device's camera in the app to take pictures of certain information required to on-board a new driver.

Google Play bundles some permissions together, which why the app asks for the “Camera/Microphone” permission. The app never accesses the microphone and doesn’t take videos.

Android permissions

Due to the Android operating system's design, we must ask for certain permissions on Android devices to give you full app functionality. This includes text messaging to allow the sending of referral codes via text.

We don't take advantage of these permissions without explicit action on your part.

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