How to Use Destination Mode

Have you ever wished you could pick up a passenger during your morning commute? What about on the way to the store, or home from a night of driving?

We are thrilled to have a solution for you: Destination Mode.

What is Destination Mode?

If you're a driver, you can tap the arrow in the top right corner and select 'Add destination filter.' You'll be prompted to enter your destination: home, work, the post office, your favorite coffee shop — the possibilities are endless!

When the destination mode is activated, you'll only receive requests from passengers along your route, going your direction. If you don't receive a request within 15 minutes, you'll be signed out of destination and driver mode so you can get on your way. 

Home screen Menu active Destination filter on


Where can I use Destination Mode?

Destination Mode can be activated in all regions where Lyft is available and will pair you with passengers requesting original Lyft or Lyft Line. 

How often can I use Destination Mode?

You can complete three destination sessions per day — a session representing at least one completed ride on the way to a set destination. Whenever you remove, change, or reach your destination, we will check to see if you've completed any rides. If you've dropped off any passenger(s), that counts as one.

The day ends at midnight, when your carriage will turn back into a pumpkin, and you'll be able to set your destination once again.

Do requests look the same?

Requests look just like regular Lyft ride requests! Destination mode simply filters out Lyft requests that aren't going your way.

Will using the Destination Mode affect my acceptance rate?

We know how important acceptance rates are, and we took that into account when making this feature. While entering your destination, you will not be able to receive requests (or miss them). Once your destination is set, you'll be ready to receive requests again, so be ready! Requests will only be from passengers along your route (or very close), and will still count toward your acceptance rate. Similarly, the cancellation policy still applies in Destination Mode.

Will the time spent using the Destination Mode count toward the Power Driver Bonus or the Average Hourly Guarantee?

The time you spend in Destination Mode does not count as time in driver mode. When you're in Destination Mode, whether you are in a ride or not, it will not qualify toward the Power Driver Bonus or the Average Hourly Guarantee. That time isn't included with your time in driver mode for the day or week in the Dashboard or summaries.

How do I exit Destination Mode?

Flexibility is key — you can change your mind at any time. Just tap the 'X' next to the destination address, and you'll be all set to receive regular ride requests.

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