How to Use Pre-Matching with original Lyft or Lyft Line

With Pre-Matching, you'll have a ride waiting for you once you complete your current one. Rides are placed in a pre-existing queue, allowing you to indicate your last ride once you're ready for a break. Currently, this feature is available to select drivers for original Lyft and Lyft Line.

How do I indicate "Last Ride"?

If you do not want to accept any more rides, toggle the "ON" driver mode button, which will switch you to "last ride" mode. We won't add any more rides and will sign you off when you finish dropping off your last passenger.

Can I contact future passengers?

Yes! The ride overview shows the details of the next route’s queued passengers in addition to the current passenger’s dropoff. You'll see each requesting passengers photo, and have the ability to call them. 


How do I cancel on a ride in the queue?

If you need to cancel on a queued ride, you can wait until you drop off your last passenger in the current route, and then cancel. You can see future passengers through the route overview menu. 

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