How to Edit Your Profile

Some aspects of your profile can be changed in the app, and others require you to reach out to our friendly Support Team. What can be changed, and how to change it, also differs depending on whether you create your account with Facebook or a phone number.

Profile picture

This is what your driver sees when picking you up. Help them out by making it look as much like you as possible!

If you signed up with a Facebook account, you initial profile photo will be the same as your Facebook photo. To change your photo with either a phone-based or Facebook-based account, simply tap on "Edit Profile" in your profile, then tap on your profile photo. From there, tap "Update". You can choose to take a new photo, or upload one from your saved photos.


Only your first name is shown to drivers, they'll never see your last name.

Facebook login: Your name is the same as your Facebook's. Log into your Facebook and change your name, and it will also change in the Lyft app.

Phone number login: We'll be happy to change your name for you; just send us a message.

Phone number

Drivers never see your phone number — we use a system which masks all users' phone numbers.

Facebook login: You're asked to enter a phone number upon sign-up, and can change it any time in the 'Settings' tab of the app.

Phone number login: We'll be happy to change it for you; just send us a message.

Email address

This is where your email receipts are sent.

Facebook login: Your email is, by default, the same as your Facebook's. Go to 'Settings' in the Lyft app to change it.

Phone number login: You can change your email address any time in the app in the 'Settings' tab.

Payment info

Regardless of your login method, your payment information can be edited in the 'Payment' tab of the app.

Hometown, music, 'about me,' friends in common

This is info the driver can see to help break the ice. You can change these any time, or leave them blank.

You'll need to be connected through Facebook to see your friends in common. Use the toggle to turn this feature off or on.

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