I Did Not Get a Receipt

If you're not receiving your receipts, there are a few things to check. Your email settings or a typo in your app could be the culprit.

Here are some reasons why you wouldn't get a receipt.

You're checking the wrong email address, or there's a typo.

Check the 'Settings' tab of your app — that's the email address your receipts are sent to.

You can edit your email address by tapping once and typing in a new address or correcting the old one (we commonly see typos such as ".con" instead of ".com."). Remember to tap 'Save' in the top right!

Your receipts are getting filtered, buried, or marked as spam.

You may need to change your email settings to prevent this from happening. Try searching "Lyft" in the search bar if you're unable to find your receipts in Spam; they can sometimes get buried with your other email.

Your unsubscribed from messages.

Contact us below to see whether you unsubscribed from receiving messages from us.

You haven't submitted payment yet.

Remember that receipts are not sent out until after payment has been submitted, or 16 hours have passed since the ride. The same rule applies for the ride history feature in the app.

If you've checked through the options above and are still having issues receiving your receipts, contact Support. We'll be happy to look into it.

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