How to Track Your Earnings

We want drivers to be in control of more than just their schedules, and that means giving you the tools to see your hard-earned cash. As a driver with Lyft, you’ve got a few ways to check your earnings:

Driver Dashboard

The best place to track your earnings is the Driver Dashboard. The Driver Dashboard is an online tool that lets you see your Driving History.

Your Driving History is divided into Lyft weeks. The Lyft week starts on Mondays at 5 am and ends the next Monday at 4:59 am. In each week, you’ll see specific days and from the days you can open individual rides. Your Driving History includes ride-by-ride specifics, like a map of pick-up and drop-off locations.

Driver Console

The 'Earnings' tab of the in-app Driver Console tracks your gross ride payments plus tolls and cancellations. Bonuses, tips, and incentives aren’t included with this amount. These features are the same in the Lyft Driver app.

The Driver Console tracks daily and weekly gross ride payment totals ride and hours info. Drivers who have qualified for a Power Driver Bonus (read more about Power Driver Bonus requirements) can also view their progress in the Driver Console.

Your weekly deposit will be initiated on Tuesday (unless you’ve set up and used Express Pay). Depending on your bank, it may take up to five days before you see your deposit in your account (make sure your bank and tax info is updated).

Heads up: Driver Console stats aren't always finalized and don't guarantee your earnings or bonus eligibility. Always check your Driver Dashboard to view earnings breakdowns and bonus eligibility.

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