Nearby public transportation options

In select cities, the 'Transit' section of the Lyft app's home screen shows public transportation options close to your current location.

We realize many riders use public transportation in addition to Lyft, and our goal is make their commute as seamless as possible.

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'Transit' is a new feature only available in certain cities at this time. Keep an eye on your email and your app for the latest Lyft updates.

If your friends see 'Transit' in their app but you don’t, that means the feature is slowly rolling out to all passengers in your area. We hope to release this feature to all passengers soon.

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How it works

Suggested transit lines are based on nearby transit stops.

Transit arrival times are based on the transit vehicle’s real-time location, which is provided by the transit agency. If real-time vehicle location data isn’t available, the app uses scheduled times provided by the transit agency.

Lyft is not responsible for the sale or purchase of transit tickets. Contact your local transportation agency for any questions about payments or public transit experiences.

At this time, Lyft credits or coupons cannot be used to pay for rides on public transportation.

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How to use Transit

  1. Tap 'Transit' on the home screen for more transit options.
  2. Select the transit line you're interested in to see the stop location and up to three upcoming departure times.
  3. When you select a transit line, a dotted line shows walking instructions to the transit stop. The light solid line shows where the transit is coming from, and the dark solid line shows the direction the transit route is headed.

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Routes with multiple buses

Transit lines are listed in order of the most efficient to the least efficient to get you to the destination suggested on your app’s home screen.

For a multi-bus route, the list will prioritize the bus that gets you to your transfer location. When a rider arrives at the transfer location, they can re-open the app to see additional nearby public transit locations.

Riders can also pan and zoom in the Lyft map to see the entire route or to refresh the search and see suggested transit options for a different starting location.

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