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    Ride Challenges

    Ride Challenges let you earn more by completing a certain amount of rides in a set amount of time. You can see your Ride Challenge progress in the ‘Earnings’ tab in your app.
    We'll email you about any upcoming Ride Challenges you’re eligible for. Not all drivers will receive a Ride Challenge offer each week.
    Ride Challenges don’t consider acceptance rate, vehicle year, or peak hours.
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    How it works

    We personalize Ride Challenges for each driver. Because your offers are personalized, they can change each week based on how much you drive.
    You can see your Ride Challenge progress in the ‘Earnings’ tab in your app.
    Ride Challenge offers may not be available every week and are not available in all regions. Ride Challenges are not available for Express Drive.
    Example Ride Challenge: Complete 10 rides between Monday 5 AM and Friday 6 AM to earn an extra $25.

    When earnings appear

    Once you’ve completed the Ride Challenge, the bonus will be added to your earnings.
    You can cash out these earnings with Express Pay. If you don’t cash out your earnings, we’ll include it in your next weekly deposit


    Some Ride Challenges have tiers that allow you to earn more. Tiered bonus amounts are cumulative, meaning they add up. We offer one to five tiers that change in value each time you receive an offer.
    Example: You complete the Tier 1 challenge and earn $10. Then you complete Tier 2 and earn an extra $15. Once you complete both tiers, you earn a total of $25.

    Stacking bonuses

    It’s possible to have both a Ride Challenge and an earnings guarantee in the same week. Earnings from a Ride Challenge won't count toward your earnings guarantee.
    Example: You’re eligible for a $25 Ride Challenge. One week, you’re also eligible for an $800 earnings guarantee.
    During the week, you earn $600. Once you meet the guarantee requirements, you’d get a $225 bonus in your next weekly deposit: $200 for the earnings guarantee, and $25 for the Ride Challenge.
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