Ride Challenges

Ride Challenges allow you to earn more by completing a certain amount of rides in a set amount of time.

See your progress toward Ride Challenges in the ‘Earnings’ tab on the home screen of the Lyft Driver app.

We’ll email you about any upcoming Ride Challenges you’re eligible for shortly before the challenge begins. There’s no peak-hour requirement, no minimum acceptance rate, and no car year requirement. Just give the number of required rides within the time frame to earn more.

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How it works

Ride Challenges are personalized for every driver and are based on individual driving history. Because the offer is personalized to you, offers can vary depending on your prior activity.

Not all drivers will receive a Ride Challenge offer each week.

Example Ride Challenge: Complete 10 rides between Monday 5 AM and Friday 6 AM to earn an extra $25.

Note: Ride Challenges are not available to Express Drive users at this time.

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When earnings appear

Once you meet the requirements, the bonus will be available in your Earnings and eligible for Express Pay within one hour.

If you choose not to use Express Pay, you’ll receive the bonus in your next weekly deposit.

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Ride Challenges may have additional tiers that allow you to earn more. Tiered bonus amounts are cumulative, meaning they add up.

Example: Let's say you complete the Tier 1 requirements and earn $10 and then complete Tier 2 requirements and earn an additional $15. Once you complete both tier requirements, you earn a total of $25.

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Stacking bonuses

A driver can be eligible for both a Ride Challenge and an Earnings Guarantee in the same week.

These are two separate incentives, and a bonus from a Ride Challenge won’t count toward earnings measured for the Earnings Guarantee.

Example: Let’s say you complete a $25 Ride Challenge and are also eligible for an Earnings Guarantee of $800 in the same week. If you make $600 in eligible earnings for that week, and meet the guarantee requirements, your bonus in the next weekly deposit would be $225 ($200 to meet the Earnings Guarantee, and $25 for the Ride Challenge).

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