Lyft Direct

Lyft Direct gives you instant access to your earnings through a debit card and a secure, worry-free bank account with Stride Bank.

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Lyft Direct features

When you apply for Lyft Direct, you'll get a debit card and bank account from Stride Bank.

Lyft Direct provides the following benefits:

  • Instant payouts – After each ride, we'll instantly send your earnings to your Lyft Direct account, and you can access them with your debit card. Tips will be deposited based on the Rider’s election after their ride (this may occur up to 24 hours after each ride). Unlike Express Pay, Lyft Direct allows your earnings to instantly load to your account at no cost.
  • Mobile banking – The Lyft Direct app enables you to make deposits, pay bills, transfer funds, and locate the 20,000 fee-free Allpoint ATMs
  • Cashback rewards – You earn cashback rewards using Lyft Direct debit card at select gas stations, dining, and grocery locations. Terms and limitations apply. Learn more.

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How to apply

From the Lyft Driver app, tap ‘Payment Info’ to see the option to apply for Lyft Direct.

You’ll be asked to apply and confirm your personal information before Payfare runs an identity verification check. This check is required to apply and get approved for a bank account. It is not a credit check and will not impact your credit.

After your application has been processed by Payfare and approved, download the Lyft Direct app, enter the same mobile number that’s on your Lyft account and Payfare will send a verification code via SMS to your phone number. You’ll use this code to enter into the Lyft Direct app to complete linking your Lyft account to the Lyft Direct account.

If Payfare can't validate the information you entered, they will reach out via email for additional documents within the next 1-2 business days.

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Receiving and activating your card

You’ll receive your Lyft Direct card by mail within 10 business days of Payfare approving your application.

Please note: There isn’t a way to update the shipping address for a card that's already in transit for delivery. If the address you provided during your application is incorrect, you will need to report the card as lost to Payfare so that they can issue another card to the correct address.

To activate your Lyft Direct debit card:

  1. Open the Lyft Direct app
  2. Go to the menu icon in the top left corner
  3. Tap ‘Manage card’
  4. Tap 'Activate your card'
  5. Tap 'Scan code' to scan QR code on the card carrier or enter details manually
  6. Create your PIN

That’s it! You’ll then be directed to the Lyft Driver app to turn on automatic payouts to your Lyft Direct account. You can manage these settings at any time within the Lyft Driver app under ‘Payment Info’ > ‘Manage card.’

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Cashback rewards

Using your debit card you will earn cashback on purchases including 1% on gas, 1% on groceries, 1% on a rotating bonus category, and 4% at select restaurants, as well as additional cashback with Mastercard Easy Savings.

You can search for nearby places that have cash back rewards by going to the ‘Rewards’ tab in the Lyft Direct app. The app will also allow you to track your reward history and redeem rewards.

Cash back rewards are subject to terms and limitations. By applying for Lyft Direct, using your debit card, and claiming your Rewards in the Lyft Direct app you are agreeing to the Lyft Direct Rewards Terms and Conditions.

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There is no fee to transfer earnings to your Lyft Direct account, and account holders never pay account maintenance or low-balance fees.

There are fees for some value-added services available through Lyft Direct:

  • $1 fee for digital personal checks, including postage
  • $2.50 fee plus additional surcharges for non-Allpoint ATMs
  • 3% foreign exchange fee
  • $5 card replacement fee

Refer to the Stride Bank Account Agreement for a full list of fees.

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Who is Payfare?

Payfare is the program manager that administers the bank account and associated financial transactions. The security of your information follows industry standards for fintech banking apps.

Payfare and their processor use specialized tools to monitor for fraud and will notify you if they suspect fraudulent activity on your account.

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Who is Stride Bank?

Stride Bank, member FDIC, is a nationally chartered bank that’s been around since 1913. Stride Bank issues your bank account and debit card.

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Express Drive renters

If you are an Express Drive renter, you are eligible to apply for Lyft Direct to receive earnings instantly.

We will continue to withhold a certain dollar amount to ensure you have enough earnings within the week to cover your weekly rental cost (base rate + tax). Once you reach this amount with your weekly ride earnings, you will unlock the ability to receive instant payouts for any earnings you make the rest of the week.

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Lyft Direct terms

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