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    Scheduled pickups for drivers

    Scheduled pickups let drivers claim rides in advance before hitting the road. Before accepting the ride, you’ll see the estimated earnings and pickup and drop-off locations.
    We’ll send you a notification when it’s time to go online in the app and start heading to the passenger’s pickup location. You must sign in and accept your scheduled pickup within the designated time frame.
    To check if your city offers Lyft Shared pickups, refer to our Cities page.
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    Adding scheduled rides to your pickups

    To add rides to your pickups in the Lyft app:
    1. Open the main menu, tap ‘More Ways to Earn.’
    2. Tap ‘Scheduled Pickup.’
    3. Choose a ride then tap ‘Add to my pickups.’
    4. You’ll receive a text message when it’s time to go online to give the ride.
    To view the scheduled pickups you’ve selected in the app, tap ‘My pickups.’ If there aren’t any pickups available, we’ll let you know on the ‘Scheduled Pickup’ screen.
    Adding a scheduled ride to your pickups does not guarantee that you’ll be able to give the ride. Make sure you go online when we text you and that you’re close enough to arrive during the rider’s pickup window.
    We ask that you only add rides to your pickups that you can commit to giving. If you’re unable to go online, the ride will be dispatched to the closest available driver.

    How to remove a scheduled ride from pickups

    If you’re no longer able to give a scheduled ride, you can remove the ride from your pickups.
    To remove a ride from your pickups in the Lyft app:
    1. Open the main menu, tap ‘More Ways to Earn.’
    2. Tap ‘Scheduled Pickup.’
    3. Tap ‘My pickups.’
    4. Tap ‘Cancel pickup.’
    Removing a scheduled ride won’t affect your acceptance rating.

    Scheduled rides and cancellations

    We'll notify you if a passenger cancels a scheduled ride before you accept the ride.
    If a passenger cancels after you’ve tapped ‘Accepted,’ Lyft’s standard cancellation policy will apply. The same policy applies if you were to cancel a scheduled ride.
    The cancellation fee may be higher if the passenger schedules a ride more than 20 minutes in advance. Learn more about the cancellation policy for drivers.

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