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    The Lyft Beta app

    The Lyft Beta app is where we test our newest features and app updates. The Lyft Beta app functions just like the normal Lyft app, only you get to help us hunt bugs, improve usability, and try features before public release. You must request access to join Lyft Beta to take part. If you're accepted to be a Lyft Beta tester, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to download the Lyft Beta app.
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    Request to join Lyft Beta

    For drivers, please fill out this form if you're interested in joining the Lyft Beta program. Once added, you'll receive an email with your invite.
    If you don't receive an invite, double check your spam folder and search the exact subject: Lyft, Inc. has invited you to test "Lyft Driver ß"
    Lyft Beta renewal for passengers
    If you're interested in requesting renewal access to the program in scenarios such as:
    • Adding friends and family to the program (if you are already an existing member of the Lyft Beta Program)
    • Re-adding yourself to the program after removal
    • Renewal for iOS Testflight users
    • Moving from one platform to another (such as Android to iOS)
    We are not adding new passengers to the Lyft Beta program.
    To request admittance or to add your friends and family to the Lyft Beta Program, please refer to this form. If you don't receive an invite, double check your spam folder and search the exact subject: Lyft, Inc. has invited you to test "Lyft ß"

    Before you start

    Lyft Beta feedback is vital to improving the Lyft app. Thank you for participating! Here are some ground rules:
    • You'll be volunteering to join the program without compensation.
    • You'll have access to experimental versions of the Lyft and Lyft Driver mobile apps. Please refrain from sharing or discussing Lyft Beta app details.
    • You can opt-out and stop participating in the program at any time. Lyft may also stop operating the program or cancel your participation at any time.
    • You'll need to keep updating to the latest Lyft Beta releases to stay in the program. Those that do not update five consecutive releases will be removed from the program.
    • We have limited spots in our Lyft Driver Beta program so it’s important that our test drivers are active. If you haven’t given a ride in the previous month, we may remove your Beta access. (This won't impact your ability to log in and drive on the regular Lyft app. As long as your driver account is up to date, you’ll be able to log in on the regular driver app.)
    Read more at Lyft Beta Term of Use.

    How to install Lyft Beta

    Once you receive your invite, follow the steps below to install and use Lyft Beta. The Lyft Beta app will appear on your phone with a teal Lyft icon. There's no need to uninstall the regular pink Lyft app or white Lyft Driver app.
    iOS installation
    1. Download and install the TestFlight app from the App Store
    2. Find your TestFlight invitation email and open it on your device
      • Subject for Drivers: Lyft, Inc. has invited you to test "Lyft Driver ß"
      • Subject for Passengers: Lyft, Inc. has invited you to test "Lyft ß"
    3. Tap "View in TestFlight" in the email to open TestFlight and see the available build to install
    4. Sign in with your Apple ID
    5. Download the Lyft Beta app
    6. Testflight is where you’ll see test details and install updates. New updates are sent multiple times a week. Please try to stay up to date, especially before the weekend.
    If you're receiving too many notifications, but want to stay in the program, please refer to this guide.
    Android installation
    1. Find your Lyft Beta invitation email and open it on your device
    2. Tap on the link to download the app on Google Play
    3. Tap on "download it on Google Play"
    4. Tap on "Install"
    5. Set the app for automatic updates to stay up to date with the latest Lyft Beta app
    Please sign into the Google Play store with the same Gmail account used for Lyft Beta signup. If you are still having issues downloading the Beta app, please reach out to our team here.

    Submitting bugs and feedback

    We'd love your bug reports and feedback! Please refer to the guide below on how to submit a bug for the device you're using. Please do not use the TestFlight or Play Store "Submit Feedback" option.
    When testing the Lyft Beta app, report any bugs related to the version you’re using, such as:
    • An action, like a button tap, that doesn’t do anything
    • Error messages when tapping certain buttons
    • App crashes or freezes
    • Display errors, like incorrectly formatted text or out of place buttons/icons
    • Connectivity errors (please include step-by-step instructions on what caused the error to appear)
    If you experience Lyft Beta issues, switch to the latest version of the live Lyft app (pink icon).
    Our Technical Support team won't be able to field general questions submitted as bugs. You'll be directed to the Help Center for issues unrelated to bugs, such as canceled rides, ride cost questions, lost and found, etc.
     Submitting bugs on iOS
    1. Take a screenshot to report a bug
    2. Select the image to draw on it or highlight the specific issue
    3. Explain any steps or details that help us reproduce the bug
    4. Tap the 'Send' button
    Submitting bugs on Android
    1. Tap the floating purple button to report a bug
    2. Tap on "Report a Problem"
    3. Choose a category, then write a brief description of the issue
    4. Explain any steps or details that help us reproduce the bug
    5. Tap the paper airplane symbol to send the report

    Requesting removal from the Lyft Beta program

    Once removed from the program, you will no longer have access to Lyft Beta. If removed, you'll need to follow the request process again.
    To proceed with the removal, please submit a request here.

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