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    Express Pay

    Express Pay lets you cash out your earnings before your usual weekly deposit starts processing on Mondays at 5 AM. Earnings can appear within a few hours or days, depending on your bank’s processing time.
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    Express Pay deposit timing

    Successful transfers start processing immediately, but earnings only appear in your account when your bank has finished processing the deposit. Depending on your bank, earnings can show in an hour or two, but may take longer.
    You'll receive a message if your Express Pay transfer is declined. To get your transfer, you'll have to update your Express Pay card info. If you don't update your card info, the deposit will be sent in the following week’s scheduled Weekly Deposit on Tuesday.
    Here are the most common reasons you don't see your deposit yet:
    Need help? If you're on a mobile device, use the 'Help' tab in your Lyft Driver app to see options for contacting us. Be sure you've got the most updated app version.

    Lower deposit than expected

    Earnings eligible for Express Pay deposits may decrease on Tuesdays because Tuesday is when we begin issuing weekly deposits. Once your weekly deposit has been sent out, your earnings are on the way to your checking account and are no longer available for Express Pay.

    I cashed out to a cancelled card

    If your debit card or account info isn't up-to-date, your transfer will be declined. If this happens, we'll text you with instructions on how to fix it.
    Make sure your debit card info is updated before you tap 'Confirm Deposit.' If it isn’t, tap 'Edit’ and submit your updated card info.

    What earnings are eligible?

    All ride earnings, tips, cancel fees, and bonuses are eligible for Express Pay once they have been added to your earnings.
    Some incentives aren't available right away because they are calculated at the end of the Lyft week (Monday) or they are scheduled to pay out on a specific date. Once that bonus payment has been added to your earnings, it will be available to cash out using Express Pay. If you don’t cash it out, it will automatically be sent out in your weekly deposit.
    Why was one of my rides excluded from Express Pay? Here are the most common reasons a ride payment isn't immediately available for Express Pay:
    • The ride is under review (such as for a Terms of Service violation or unusually high fare)
    • We're legally prevented to include the ride in your Express Pay transfer
    Once a ride payment has been added to your earnings, it will be available for Express Pay or your weekly deposit.
    Can I cancel an Express Pay? Once you cash out through Express Pay, you can't cancel the transaction.
    Is there a limit to how much I can cash out? Yes, Express Pay deposits are limited to $3,000.
    You can cash out up to five times a day with Express Pay. Keep in mind your bank may have its own daily, weekly, or other transfer restrictions on instant transfers.
    Heads up: Express Pay is unavailable for drivers with any rides under review, which can happen when we see suspicious activity on an account. Any unpaid earnings will be included in your next scheduled weekly deposit.

    How to cash out and set up Express Pay

    You can cash out your earnings in the Earnings tab in your Lyft Driver app:
    1. Tap your earnings at the top of your app's home screen.
    2. Tap 'Get paid.'
    Heads up: There's a $0.50 fee for each Express Pay transfer. This fee is waived for Lyft Direct debit cards.
    When you cash out, we may send you a text for security. Reply to the text so that we can start the transfer process.
    To set up Express Pay or add a different card:
    1. Tap 'Account'
    2. Tap 'Pay and Tax Info'
    3. Tap the debit card under ‘Express Pay’ to edit or set up your payment info
    4. After you enter a new debit card, we'll send you a confirmation text. Follow the instructions to verify your new card
    5. After you set up Express Pay, it may take 1 - 3 business days for your bank info to be verified

    Debit card requirements

    Express Pay won't work without a valid debit card. To use Express Pay:
    • It must be a debit card (not a credit card)
    • It must be issued in the country you are driving in
    • It must be connected to a checking account
    • It must be attached to a bank account with a balance of $1.00 or more
    • It can't be a prepaid card
    If an Express Pay transfer fails, we'll ask you to update your debit card.

    Banks without instant payouts

    If you're unable to add a card for Express Pay, your bank may not support instant transfers. If your bank doesn't support instant payouts, we'll include your earnings in your weekly deposit as usual. Your earnings will be reflected in your account within 1 - 3 business days.
    Here are a couple ways to see if your bank supports immediate transfers:
    • Speak to someone at your bank and ask if they support instant payouts
    • Look for your bank on this list
    Below is a partial list of banks that don't support instant payouts.
    Aba Card Solutions, Inc. Aba Card Solutions, Inc. | Banco Coomeva S.A. | Banco Popular De Puerto Rico | Barrington Bank & Trust Company National Association | Brenham Natl Bank | Calvin B Taylor Banking | Citizens Bank Swainsboro | Cornercard Uk Ltd | Dcb Bank Limited | First Century Bank National Association | Firstmerit Bank National Association | Florida Capital Bank National Association | Heartland Bank | HSBC Bank USA, National Association | J.P. Morgan Europe Limited | Ky W Va Gas Co. Employees Federal Credit Union | Madison County Bank | Mb Financial Bank National Association | Mwabank | Northbrook Bank & Trust Company | Ravalli County Federal Credit Union | Republic Bank | Republic Bank of Chicago | Sunrise Banks National Association | Target Bank | The Bank & Trust | Tib The Independent Bankersbank | Wesbanco Bank Inc.

    Express Pay for Express Drive

    Express Pay lets you cash out your earnings instantly to a debit card.
    Before you can cash out with Express Pay, your earnings must cover your weekly rental charges. After you earn 0.50¢ more than your rental charges, you can use Express Pay to cash out on any additional earnings.
    Note: Since weekly rental charges start over on Mondays at 5 AM, Express Pay won’t be available for you at the beginning of each week.
    You can check your progress in your weekly breakdown.
    To view a summary of your earnings and weekly rental charges:
    1. Open the Lyft Driver app.
    2. Tap the dollar amount at the top of the home screen.
    3. Tap ‘See weekly breakdown.’
    Your total rental cost won’t be exactly the same every week (though it’ll usually be close).
    We calculate your weekly rental costs by adding  together:
    • Base rate: Your weekly vehicle rental fee.
    • Rental taxes and fees: Includes applicable state, local, sales, and rental taxes.
    • Tolls: Includes tolls you pass through while driving with Lyft and personal use. Once a toll is processed, the charge will be added to the rental amount on Mondays.
    • Other fees: Covers a range of other possible charges, such as deep cleaning, refueling, lost keys, etc.
    • Mileage: For Flexdrive renters, this will be based on your final rental mileage for the week
    To view your weekly rental costs:
    1. Open the Lyft Driver app.
    2. Tap the dollar amount at the top of the home screen.
    3. Tap ‘See weekly breakdown.’
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