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Lyft ride types overview

Lyft has a variety of ride types to fit your travel needs.
Some ride types are only available in select cities. You’ll see all available types in the app when selecting a ride. For fare estimates and a list of available ride types, see our Cities page for riders.
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All ride types
  1. Lyft: Standard Lyft car for up to 4 riders.
  2. Wait & Save: Lock in a lower price when it’s busy — it’s our most affordable personal ride. Once you book, there's a longer wait so we can pair you with the best driver for your route and pickup spot.
  3. Priority Pickup: Get a faster pickup at a slightly higher price.
  4. Green: Requesting Green will pair you with an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid for a lower-emission ride. You’ll only be able to choose Green when there are EVs or hybrids nearby.
Note: Green is only available in certain regions.
Wait & Save and Priority Pickups may not always be available, depending on how many drivers are nearby. Wait & Save and Priority Pickup rides are currently only available in some areas.
  1. Extra Comfort: Rides in newer vehicles with top-rated drivers.
  2. Black: Premium black car service with leather seats for up to 4 riders
Extra seats
  1. XL: SUV for up to 6 riders
  2. Black SUV: Premium black SUV with leather seats for up to 6 riders
Other types
  1. Scooter: Compact scooter for a single rider
  2. Bikes: Reserve and rent single rider bikes
  3. Car Seat: Vehicle fitted with a child’s car seat (only available in New York City)
  4. Access: Wheelchair-accessible vehicle for fixed frame wheelchairs and up to 2 additional passengers
  5. Lyft Assisted: If you need assistance during pickups and drop-offs, your healthcare provider, plan, or transportation service can request a Lyft Assisted ride for you.
Rider preferences for airport rides
You can select ride preferences to personalize your ride to or from the airport. This is available for all ride types.
The preferences you can select include:
  1. Vehicle temperature
  2. Quiet ride
  3. Help with luggage
To select your preferences, tap ‘Personalize your ride’ while you wait for your driver to arrive.
Note: Some drivers may not be able to accommodate your selected preferences.
Promotional ride types
In select cities, you may see promotional ride types become available in partnership with local events or organizations.
The details and duration of these promotional types change based on the promotion and don't affect the ride types normally available in your area.
Can I request a specific car?
While you’re unable to request a specific driver, car, or type of car, there are different ride types available to meet your travel needs.
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