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How to request a ride

There are several ways to request a Lyft ride:

The Lyft app

To request a Lyft ride, download the Lyft app and create an account. Then:

  1. In your app, tap ‘Search destination’ and enter your destination
  2. Tap the correct address from the list provided
  3. Choose your ride type. You can view additional ride types, such as Shared, Lux, or XL.
  4. Tap ‘Select Lyft’
  5. Confirm or change your pickup spot and tap ‘Confirm and request’

The pickup location will automatically set to your current GPS location. To change the pickup location:

  1. Tap 'Current location' at the top of the screen
  2. Enter an address or drag the location pin to the right spot
  3. Tap 'Set pickup.' That's it!

Add an extra stop by tapping the addresses listed at the top of the screen, then tapping the '+' (plus sign) in between the pick-up location and your destination. You can do this when requesting a ride, before pickup, or any time during your ride.

When making multiple stops, keep in mind that drivers are just like you and may have other plans later in the day. Before leaving the car, make sure to communicate with your driver about how long they're able to wait.

If you’re making a stop or going to leave the car for more than 10 minutes, ask the driver to end the ride. Then, request a new ride when you’re ready to go to your next destination. 

Change your payment method before requesting a ride by tapping the payment method shown on the ride mode selection screen.

On the 'Payment' screen you can edit or add payment methods, view any active promos, and switch between personal or business accounts.

You’ll see the price of your ride on the ride mode selection screen before you tap 'Select.' Learn more about how to estimate a Lyft ride's cost.

To schedule a ride for a later time:

  1. Set your destination
  2. Tap 'Schedule' on the ride mode selection screen
  3. Choose a date and time and tap 'Set pick up time'
  4. Confirm your pickup and drop-off location, then tap 'Schedule.' That's it!

Note: Scheduled rides are not available in all regions, and may not be available for all ride modes in a region.

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Requesting a Ride for others

To request a Ride for Others:

  1. Set the rider’s destination
  2. Tap on your name at the top of the screen
  3. Select a rider from your contact list
    • The app will request access to the requestor’s contacts the first time this option is selected. If the rider does not have a Lyft account, they will be sent a link via SMS message to create an account.
  4. The rider will be notified a ride was sent to them

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Requesting a ride on a web browser

If you want to request a ride using a web browser:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a pickup and drop-off location, then select “Ride details”
  3. Select a ride type. This will give you a fare estimate
  4. Select “Request a Lyft ride”
    • Your ride will be requested if you’re logged into your account 
    • If you’re logged out, you’ll be asked for your account phone number. We’ll send you a text with a verification code. Enter the code to log in
    • Return to the request screen to confirm ride details (and select/add a payment method) before selecting “Request a Lyft ride”

Some features aren’t available from a web browser, including:

  • Payment using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Lyft Cash, or PayPal
  • Removing forms of payment (You can add or switch payment methods)
  • Changing destinations or adding stops after starting a ride
  • Bikes or scooters
  • Business rides
  • Push notifications
  • Redeeming coupons
  • Transit information
  • Venue selection

Browser ride tips

  • If you don’t know your pickup address, enable sharing your location by clicking the location icon with the pickup address input
  • When requesting a ride, make sure the pin is displayed in the right spot. If the pin’s placement is incorrect, enter a nearby address and meet your driver there
  • If you request a ride on a web browser, you can see your driver’s progress in the app or another web browser (if you’re logged in)
  • Keep your phone with you, as we'll text you important ride updates
  • You can add to your mobile home screen by using your browser’s settings. 

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