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    Rental car pickups, renewals, and returns

    Driving with Lyft is easy even if you don't own a car. You can rent one with our Express Drive rental program.
    The rental period length is flexible with no long-term commitment. Insurance and maintenance are always included in the rental cost.
    Part of driving with Express Drive is signing your rental agreement.
    You can access your rental agreement at any time in your Driver Dashboard. Hertz drivers also receive a paper copy when they pick up their vehicle.
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    Scheduling a rental car pickup

    You'll need to schedule an appointment to pick up your vehicle.
    If you're not a Lyft driver yet:
    1. Verify your phone number
    2. Select 'Rent with Express Drive' to begin your application
    Once you pass the DMV and background checks, you'll be able to schedule a pickup.
    If you're already a driver:
    1. Go to 'Vehicles' in the menu of your Driver Dashboard.
    2. Tap 'Rent with Express Drive' to schedule a pickup.
    Choose a pickup date in the Driver Dashboard to view available vehicles.
    Once you schedule your pickup, you'll pay a refundable rental deposit. Learn more about Express Drive rental deposits.
    Reservations are confirmed as soon as the deposit is received.
    You can reschedule or cancel your reservation in your Lyft Driver app.
    If you cancel your appointment, you’ll have to restart the reservation process.

    No cars available

    If you receive the message "No cars available," you're still approved to rent with Express Drive.
    This message means there's a high demand for cars in your area, but you can always try again tomorrow. We update pickup dates for new appointments every night at midnight.

    Not eligible to rent

    You may be unable to rent or renew with Express Drive if:
    • You don’t have a valid payment method on file – You'll need a valid payment method on file before you can pick up a rental
    • You haven’t been meeting your rental requirements – It’s important to pay your rental costs on time. You also need to complete any required inspections or preventative maintenance.
    • You’ve had 3 or more traffic violations – This can include accidents or traffic violations.
    • You've had an accident while driving an Express Drive vehicle – Safety is our top priority.
    • Someone else drove your rental vehicle – You're the only one allowed to drive your vehicle. If someone else uses it, it's a violation of your rental agreement.
    • You’ve violated the Lyft Terms of Service

    Renewing your rental vehicle

    Automatic weekly renewals are a flexible benefit of using Express Drive.
    Your rental will automatically renew if you're meeting your rental requirements.
    You can find the status of your renewal in the 'Vehicles' page of the Driver Dashboard. We'll send you an email and text to notify you that your rental has been renewed.
    Your rental period must last for at least seven days.

    Maintenance requirements for renewal

    Your vehicle might need service during your rental period. If you don't bring your vehicle in for maintenance, you won’t be able to renew your rental. We’ll notify you if you need to bring in your vehicle.
    We have two rental companies we partner with: Flexdrive and Hertz.

    Flexdrive maintenance requirements

    Flexdrive vehicles need preventative maintenance after a set amount of miles. Bring your vehicle to an approved maintenance facility for service. Your rental rate includes preventative maintenance expenses.

    Hertz maintenance requirements

    Hertz vehicles need routine inspections. We'll remind you when your vehicle is due for maintenance.
    You'll need to schedule your inspection in your Driver Dashboard. Bring your vehicle back to your original rental location for service.

    Vehicle returns

    You can return your rental any time during normal business hours.
    Bring the vehicle back to the location where you picked it up or schedule a return in the ‘Vehicles’ tab of the Driver Dashboard.
    If you’re able to complete a touchless return, you can also begin your return at the Lyft Hub by scanning the displayed QR code.
    The rental location will only charge you for the days you had the vehicle, as long as it's been at least seven days. If you had the vehicle for less than seven days there may be an extra charge. For more details, you can access your rental agreement in your Dashboard. Hertz drivers also receive a paper copy when they pick up their vehicle.
    To schedule a return, go to your Driver Dashboard.
    Touchless rentals are only available in the following cities:
    • Boston
    • Chicago
    • Phoenix
    • Nashville
    • San Francisco
    • San Jose
    If you’re able to complete a touchless return, you can follow the in-app prompts to end your rental.
    If you’re unable to participate in our touchless returns process, be sure to check in with a Lyft associate when you arrive so you can fully end your rental.
    To find information about a returned vehicle, tap 'Vehicles' in the Driver Dashboard.
    Note: Using roadside assistance to tow a drivable rental vehicle back to the rental location may result in a tow charge to your account. Only use roadside assistance if your car can’t be driven safely.
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