Express Drive earnings and charges

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Rental car earnings and charges

Your weekly rate with our rental partners may vary by city and rental car provider.

You're also responsible for taxes and fees such as late returns, refueling, tolls, and tickets. For more information on your weekly rental rate, please view your rental agreement.

You'll only be able to view those rental cost details once you begin the application process. Your first billing week will start the day you pick the vehicle up, and you'll get your earnings statement every Tuesday.

If the balance of your rental isn't covered by your weekly earnings, we'll charge the credit/debit card on your account. Make sure you have a valid card on file at all times to avoid failing a charge. Update your payment method here. Note: Prepaid cards aren't accepted. You must use a credit/debit card in your name.

If the charge to your card fails, you must pay or return your vehicle within 24 hours to remain eligible to drive with a rental car on the Lyft platform.

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Rental car deposit

A refundable security deposit is required for new applicants and existing drivers to participate in the Express Drive program. The amount of the deposit can vary depending on information in your driving record report and other data. 

You can start an Express Drive application in the ‘Vehicles’ tab of your Driver Dashboard to see your deposit amount.

Deposits are returned:

  • If you don't pass the DMV/background check (once the 10-day contesting window has closed)
  • Cancel your appointment before picking up a rental car
  • When you stop using Express Drive and return your car, if your account is in good standing

Once you’ve picked up a vehicle, you can check the status of your rental deposit in your Lyft Driver app:

  1. Go to ‘Vehicles’
  2. Tap your Express Drive rental
  3. Tap ‘Rental deposit’

If you’ve placed your deposit, but haven’t picked up a vehicle yet, you can check your rental deposit status in the ‘Vehicles’ tab of your Driver Dashboard.

Your rental deposit will be refunded to your card two weeks after you return your vehicle. If you have any charges that aren’t covered by your rental deposit, you’ll need to update your payment method on file to cover those charges.

Your rental deposit can’t be used to cover rental charges during your rental reservation.

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Your earnings statement and costs

After you've collected weekly ride earnings, the following rental costs are applied to your earnings:

  • Base rate (weekly vehicle rental fee): This is your base weekly rental rate, before other earnings.
  • Ride earnings: This amount is your take-home earnings, which includes base fare and time and distance based on your rate card. Learn more about how your pay is calculated.
  • Rental taxes and fees: Applicable state, local, sales, and rental taxes are added weekly.
  • Tolls: All toll costs will be passed down based on driving activities (in a ride or personal use). Once toll plazas process a toll, the charge is added to the rental hold amount on Mondays.
  • Other fees: This covers a range of other possible charges, such as deep cleaning, refueling, lost keys, etc.
    • Fees will be up to 15% on all tolls and up to $30 on ticket violations, as applied by the third party processor.
    • Tap 'Expand' in your earnings statement to see more details on all line items.
  • Extra Mileage fees (if applicable): If renting through Flexdrive, this amount is charged if you go over your allotted personal miles.

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Prorated rental fees

Your first billing week will start the day you pick the vehicle up and rental charges will start accruing the day after rental pickup. Your first week will be less than seven days, so we'll prorate the cost accordingly.

After the first week, you'll be charged the full weekly rental rate, which is the rental charge plus taxes and fees.

Note: The day you return the vehicle will be factored into your final rental payment. This means if you return a vehicle on Monday (the beginning of a new week), you'll be charged the prorated amount for having the car that day. 

Bonus eligibility

Drivers enrolled in the Express Drive program are eligible for:

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Express Pay eligibility

Express Drive renters are now eligible for Express Pay. Learn more about how to cash out with Express Pay.

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