Flexdrive mileage plans

There are several Flexdrive pricing options to choose from based on personal mile usage, allowing you to pick the plan that works best for you.

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How mileage plans work

  • Free Lyft miles: You never pay for miles when you're in Driver Mode with Lyft
  • Personalized offline mileage plans: You choose how many personal miles you need each week
  • Flexible extra mileage fees: If you go over your miles, don't worry; you can always change your plan for next week

About personal miles

While the rental vehicle is to be primarily used to drive with Lyft, we understand that you may need to use the vehicle for occasional personal use. Personal miles are the miles you drive when you're offline and not using the Lyft Driver app, such as when you're running personal errands.

Personal miles are tracked through the rental vehicle's activity, like other rental car companies. The tracker will display updated mileage every time the vehicle is turned off for every 5 miles driven.

Tracking personal miles and extra mileage

While offline and not in Driver Mode, swipe up on the main screen of your Lyft Driver app to track how many personal miles you have driven. This includes an updated timestamp of the last mileage reading.

If you begin to accrue Extra Mileage fees, the fee amount (plus tax) will be added to your rental hold for the current week. This can be tracked in your Earnings tab.

If you go over the mileage limit, you will receive an Extra Mileage fee. This Extra Mileage fee will supply additional personal miles. Extra Mileage fee amounts and weekly base rates vary based on region.

Changing your personal mileage plan

While you can't change your personal mileage plan for the current week, you can change the plan for next week in your Lyft Driver App.

  1. Tap the 'Personal miles' tracker then view 'More Info'
  2. Tap 'Change pricing plan' underneath the tracker
  3. Once you confirm the mileage plan you prefer, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions

The confirmation screen will show:

  • When the new plan will start (always the following Monday at 4:59 AM)
  • What the new plan includes
  • How much the new plan will cost

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