Arkansas Information

Lyft operations are currently prohibited in Arkansas — including pickups and drop-offs.

Notice of Filing

Notice is hereby given that Lyft Drives Arkansas, Inc. ("Lyft") plans to file with the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC or Commission) an Application for a permit to operate a Transportation Network Company (TNC) in the state of Arkansas. The Application and accompanying testimony will demonstrate that procedures and methods have been implemented which ensure that Lyft complies with all requirements of the Transportation Network Company Services Act, Ark. Code Ann. SS 23-13-701 et seq., and the TNC rules promulgated by the APSC.

Information relative to the filing in this matter may be obtained from the secretary of the Arkansas Public Service Commission, 1000 Center Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201. Also, further information may be obtained by viewing the APSC website: www.arkansas.gov/psc/ Interventions and limited appearances for interested parties should be filed in compliance with the provisions of the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure 4.02. Petitions for intervention must be filed with the APSC within 60 days of the date set forth as the application filing date, unless otherwise specified in a procedural schedule issued before a petition for intervention is filed. Limited appearances must be filed at least twenty (20) days prior to the date set for a hearing, if a hearing is ordered by the Commission, but not afterward, except for good cause shown. In addition, interested persons may submit public comments in writing or orally at a hearing, if a hearing is ordered by the Commission.

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