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    Policies for passenger use of Lyft

    We pride ourselves on our amazing community of drivers and passengers. As a passenger, you're absolutely welcome to use Lyft for your daily needs. Here's a breakdown of our policies around the different uses for Lyft.
    View our safety policies.

    Bringing friends

    Your driver will be more than happy to drive you and your friends in an original Lyft. Pile in, grab a seatbelt each, and enjoy the ride! Remember, most vehicles on the platform can seat up to 3 passengers. If you've got a bigger group, use Lyft XL for rides that seat up to 5. As part of Lyft's Health Safety Commitment, the front passenger seat must remain empty.

    Requesting for friends

    You're welcome to request rides for someone else. To request for someone else, enter your friend's address in the app, then tap 'Me' at the top of the next screen to change to riders. The driver and your friend will get details, and you can follow along on the progress of the ride within your app.

    Children (17 and under)

    Children are welcome to join you in a ride but aren't permitted to ride alone in a Lyft vehicle.
    We're happy to give kids a ride as well as adults as long as your children have the proper car seats that fit legal requirements in your state and city. Plan on providing your own car seat for children that require one.

    Pets & service animals

    • Pets: We love your four-legged friends but not everyone is comfortable with having animals in their car. If you want to bring a pet in your ride, call your driver once they accept your ride request to tell them about your furry companion before they arrive. Tons of drivers are fine with Fido and Spot, but some may have allergies or concerns about their vehicle. Always check in with drivers first.
    • Service animals: Lyft’s policy is that drivers on the Lyft platform should reasonably accommodate passengers with service animals. For more information, read our service animal policy

    Running errands

    We love seeing community members help each other out, so we see running errands as a great part of the Lyft experience.
    When making multiple stops, keep in mind that drivers are just like you and may have other plans later in the day. If you’re making a stop or going to leave the car for more than 10 minutes, ask the driver to end the ride. Then, request a new ride when you’re ready to go to your next destination.


    The Lyft app allows passengers with accessibility needs to enable Access Mode. In regions where Access Mode is enabled, vehicles specially outfitted to accommodate wheelchairs will receive ride requests instead of standard vehicles.
    In regions where Access Mode is not available, drivers are still required by law and Lyft’s policy to transport riders who use foldable mobility devices.
    Learn more about accessible vehicle dispatch or read our full wheelchair policy.
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